Socialbakers is an AI Social Media Marketing Platform

Drive growth by understanding your audience, creating content they love, analyzing engagement and improving cross-channel care.


Socialbakers is an AI social media marketing platform that helps you learn about your audience so you can help it grow.

By putting all your social media marketing efforts in one place, Socialbakers helps you see trends and look at your audience and their needs holistically. Socialbakers gives you a clearer view of your social media marketing and helps you share and post the most relevant content for your audience.


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The Socialbakers AI helps you by offering tailored content and marketing recommendations based on your audience personas. Socialbakers AI can help you discover relevant influencers, pick the best posts, and develop new strategies to draw appeal to new customers.

Who is Product for

Socialbakers is for business owners looking to improve their social media engagement, grow their audience, and discover new ways to leverage social media in their favor. The high powered Socialbakers AI helps business owners see customer trends, identify the most relevant content to share, and improve targeted marketing efforts.

Socialbakers helps you to go beyond the average social media marketing strategies, helping you to truly learn how to harness its power. Using the Socialbakers platform, you can actually track the influence social media has on your brand. With Socialbakers, you will never look at social media the same way again.

“Socialbakers enables us to understand our social channels’ competitive status in the shortest time – under one dashboard. We’re able to monitor what’s generating the most interactions quickly, and can spend more time on creating great content instead of on gathering the data.”


Key Features

  • Automated Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Automated Reporting
  • Content Inspiration
  • Community Management
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Marketing Persona Mapping
  • Post Performance Prediction
  • Performance Optimization


  • Gain a deeper understanding of your audience/customer base
  • Improve marketing efforts and marketing ROI
  • Discover new strategies for optimizing content
  • Grow your customer base
  • Save time with AI data collection and analysis


  • Socialbakers offers monthly and annual subscription packages:
  • Socialbakers Essential: $2,400 year or $240/month; 10 social media profiles or $4,800 year or $400/month; 20 profiles
  • Larger plans available, contact Socialbakers for pricing

Pricing model:

Monthly or Annual Subscription

Free trial:



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