Criteo is an e-commerce behavioral merchandising and retargeting tool

Criteo is an e-commerce behavioral merchandising and retargeting tool.


Criteo operate on a global scale, delivering personalized performance marketing.

Using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, Criteo delivers highly targeted, real-time, predictive product recommendations.


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Individual consumer interests and purchase intent are analyzed by Intelligent algorithms.

With personalized retargeting, Criteo then displays product ads tailored to potential customers.

Who is Product for

Criteo has the following typical customers: Large Enterprises and Midsize Business

“Working with Criteo, we have been able to more than double conversions and revenue from our display campaign over the past two years. We’re very excited about the potential of leveraging their performance marketing platform across additional channels.”

Genelle Lingua SONY


  • GetApp 4.17/5   
  • TrustRadius 8/10 
  • G2 3.8/5                                                                              

Key Features

  • Criteo performance optimization platform (CPOP)
  • Criteo EngineTM
  • Real-time campaign performance tracking
  • Prediction algorithms
  • Bidding algorithms
  • Recommendation algorithms
  • Display ads
  • Next generation mobile banners
  • Cost-per-click pricing
  • Highly personalized email marketing
  • Personalized ad targeting
  • Ads across desktop, mobile, social, and e-mail
  • Customizable graphic display
  • Personalized retargeting


  • Criteo Email delivers highly personalized messages in real-time, showing individual website visitors the products most relevant to their browsing history.
  • With personalized targeting and product recommendation strategies, Criteo technology engages consumers at different buying stages.
  • Criteo targets both active, repeat users of your site as well as those who have never visited before, ensuring that a wider audience and potential new markets are reached.


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