Building Authority in Your Niche with Virtual Summits

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One of the key benefits of holding a virtual summit is building authority within your niche.

No matter what your main goal is for hosting a virtual summit, you should also use this as a chance to establish yourself as an expert.

Here are some ways you can build authority through your summit.

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Offer Great Value

How do you best take advantage of this excellent opportunity to build your expertise? The way to do this is to offer the most value possible through your virtual summit.

Focus on problems your target audience faces and offer effective solutions. 

Find Great Speakers

The speakers you choose to present at your virtual summit will also contribute to your reputation.

Create a great lineup of experts who have their own followings and you will leverage their audience to help build your expert status. Their audience will learn about you through their attendance at your event and may start following you too. 

Seek Social Proof

A key element of building expertise is social proof. Social proof is a term that describes the influence the social element has in marketing. To put it in simple terms, you look credible when people tell others about you (as opposed to when you talk about yourself).

building authority

After your virtual summit, reach out to your participants and ask them to leave a testimonial. Encourage them to leave reviews or blog about the event.

Do the same for your guest speakers. Try to get as many people as possible besides yourself talking about the event. 

You can put social proof into high gear by reaching out to influencers.

Identify people who have a large following in your niche and get them to join your summit and talk about it to their audience. 

Focus on a Specific Area of Expertise

You can’t be an authority on everything in your niche. There are too many others competing for that distinction.

However, you can choose a particular area of your niche that isn’t saturated yet and you can dominate this area, becoming the go-to source of information. 

Brainstorm your unique strengths and areas of expertise within your niche. Try to identify what areas you are most knowledgeable about.

Is there a market for these areas? If so, these are great micro-niches that you can make your own. 

Use Your Virtual Summit for Marketing

As you go about planning and running your virtual summit, look for every possible opportunity to create content that can be used to cement you as an authority. Record and document everything and turn it into the marketing content.

For example, you can take clips from presentations and make short YouTube videos. Put virtual summit content on your website and social media profiles.

This can make a great impression when people see that you’ve hosted your own successful event. 

Make Guest Appearances

Make guest appearances in other people’s content where you talk about your topic area and mention your virtual summit.

This is a great way to reach other audiences beyond your own and show people what you do. Get interviewed on podcasts, appear in videos, and contribute guest blog posts where you share your expertise. 

Building your authority may not be your main objective in running virtual summits, but this is a golden opportunity to do so, so don’t waste it. 

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