7 Powerful Ways to Build Your Brand Community with Livestream Video

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Livestream videos are an excellent way to build your brand community.

From huge multinational companies to small solo entrepreneurs, any business can benefit from the personal connection you can make with live video events.

It’s a low-cost strategy that you can use to forge strong relationships and build a brand community. 

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Make a Personal Connection

Livestream is a great medium because it offers a direct way to make a connection. You’re basically hanging out together over video in real-time.

For your audience, it’s an authentic experience. They have a chance to ask you questions and share ideas. When people feel close to the business owners they follow, this helps to create a community around them. 

Build Authority in Your Niche

Your videos give you a chance to build authority in your niche by answering viewer questions and helping them with their challenges.

This shows that you’re an expert who offers true value, which is great for your brand. People will come to you when they have problems they need to be solved. This creates a highly engaged group of followers. 

Bring New People Into Your Orbit

You can’t create a brand community without members. Live video gives you a great opportunity to bring in new people who would enjoy your offerings.

New people can participate and experience the value you offer firsthand. This marketing strategy is a great way to make a first impression. You’ll also get participants talking. They’ll tell others and bring in even more new people.

Build Social Proof

Your livestream is a great way to gather authentic social proof.

You can follow up with participants to get feedback and use this feedback to promote your business or future video events. Social proof is important because it shows that other people are talking about your virtues, not just you.

Make People Feel Part of Something Bigger

Your events give people a chance to feel like a part of something bigger than themselves.

Once you get into the routine of running regular livestream sessions, the event will pick up more and more buzz. Attendance will increase, and you’ll have something everyone wants to be a part of. 

Reinforce Brand Values

At the core of any brand, community is a set of shared values. Your events give you an opportunity to communicate and emphasize these values. You can control the message you want to put out about your brand because you’re the one delivering it. 

The Long Game

In addition to building a vibrant community around your business, live video can help you sell more, generate more leads, and boost your business to the level you want it to be.

Livestream video

But it’s not the sales approach that gets an engaged livestream audience. It’s all part of the long game of engaging your audience and creating a sense of community. 

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