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Bubbly is a free and simple app to share your voice post, tag it…

Bubbly is a free and simple way to share your voice, connect with friends, celebrities, and stars.

Price: Free  | Visit Site

Create your voice post, tag it with a cool picture, customize it with amazing filters and post it on Bubbly.

Share instantly on Facebook, Twitter and more. Find Stars, celebrities, know what they are saying and connect with them.

a social messaging service

Who is Product for? 


“Bubbly is the only app that works across all phones with over 30 million people already joined. Share your voice with the world.”

Key Features

  • Instant Chat with Bubbly user
  • Background Music
  • Voice Filters
  • Text on Voice Post


  • Free to use
  • Create your own voice blog
  • Follow friends and people who inspire you
  • Connect with popular celebrities
  • Share your posts on Facebook and Twitter

Starting at:

Bubbly is free. Download Bubbly at Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Pricing model:

Free trial:

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