Bottlenose is an intelligence company that analyzes big data to detect trends

Zindo Editorial Staff, Team of Marketing Experts

21 December 2017

Bottlenose helps enterprises identify, anticipate and instigate the trends that drive their businesses in real-time.

Their patent-pending Trend Intelligence engine, StreamSense ™ detects patterns in real-time streams of data at unprecedented speed and scale.

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It’s not just for social listening – It finds trends in any kind of unstructured or structured data — social streams, breaking news, broadcast media, sales data, stock market data, enterprise data, dark web, quantitative data, etc.

Combining a new real-time big-data analytics technology (29 pending patents), it is capable of continuously analyzing hundreds of billions to trillions of changing data points in real-time, offering actionable insights for marketing, sales, support, competitive intelligence, and strategy.

The first product, Nerve Center(R) is geared towards marketers, but that’s just the beginning.


Spend more time extracting insights and less time managemeing data 

Who is Product for?


“As well as more vertical apps, the platform itself is a huge enterprise opportunity for the next-generation of business intelligence.”

Key Features

  • Identify
  • Illuminate
  • Track
  • Analyze
  • Anticipate
  • Act


  • Insights into brand health
  • Product lifecycle
  • Customer and audience needs
  • Monitor and detect risks across channels
  • Corporate strategy

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