Beevolve helps companies make sense of data through intelligent algorithms

Zindo Editorial Staff, Team of Marketing Experts

2 September 2017

They are a software product company founded in 2008.

They are committed to providing the best and most cost-effective social media monitoring and measurement platform for small businesses.



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The inspiration behind the name ‘Beevolve’ comes from the symbiotic relationship that bees have with flowering plants and how they have evolved together over thousands of years.

Similarly, at Beevolve, they strive to build intelligent software products that learn from human interactions.


Segment your conversations and opt for differentiated marketing.

Who is Product for?

  • Small businesses
  • Online marketers
  • Analysts
  • Content marketers
  • Community managers

Social Media Post Statistics- Get metrics for your posts that you launch from their platform. You can launch as many posts as you wish. Metrics such as conversions, shares, and comments are provided for each post.

Key Features

  • Dashboard- The monitoring dashboard gives you insights related to sentiment, buzz, top sources and tag clouds. Emotional and phrase tag clouds show you which words are being associated with your keywords.
  • Demographics- The reports tab shows demographic data for your search terms. Most monitoring platforms don’t provide such statistics. With Beevolve, you will be able to segment your conversations and opt for differentiated marketing.
  • Competitive Intelligence- Now monitor your competitors and compare vital data for understanding marketplace gap and product development opportunities.
  • Real-Time Conversations- Monitor conversations as and when they happen on online. You can assign tasks and create tags for specific conversations. They even categorize conversations under common theme for easy understanding.
  • Identifying Brand Advocates- Zero in on those who engage most with your search terms. Convert your opportunities to your strength.
  • Customizable Reports- Apart from getting notified by email alerts for unusual spikes and daily summary reports for search terms, you now have the option of generating highly customizable reports as per your need. You are also provided with the option of including your organization logo and address on the reports.
  • Post Metrics Drill down- They don’t stop at the likes and comments. They are able to provide you with the click heat-map for your campaigns. It gives you a detail view of where and when the clicks originated. Analyzing on such statistics can give you a granular picture of what should be improved and what should be left untouched.
  • Retargeting Visitors- Here is a chance to follow your viewers around to create a longer lasting brand impression. With this feature, you can have your customized messages or call to action. The message is displayed on top of web page. You can redirect your viewers to a landing page of your choice when the message is clicked.
  • Digital Channel Measurement- Apart from showing you conversions and statistics around your campaign, they also measure the overall effectiveness of social channels in generating conversions and sales for your organization. All campaign stats gives you how you have been performing till date with all your campaigns.


  • Schedule and launch content marketing campaigns and measure its success through engagement and conversion metrics.
  • Monitor, respond & engage with your social audience through user-friendly interface. Measure success with buzz, sentiment and engagement metrics.
  • Save time with real-time email alerts for brand mentions and measure and compare ROI of social marketing w.r.t. other digital channels.
  • Track conversations and users to understand your target audience better. Get real-time competitive and market intelligence reports delivered to your inbox.

Starting at

Plans start at USD $49.99/month

Pricing model


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