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AppointmentCore automates your scheduling process with Infusionsoft and Google Calendar

AppointmentCore automates your scheduling process seamlessly with Infusionsoft and Google Calendar.

No more chasing prospects or customers to find an appointment time that works for everyone.


Simply customize your availability settings and create unique links for your prospects and customers to book themselves in the slot that works best for them.

Use these links in your day-to-day emails or in your Infusionsoft campaigns.

Price: Starts at $27/mo | Visit Site

AppointmentCore can pull your real-time availability from your Infusionsoft calendar, Google Calendar, and soon even Outlook.

You can even have a GoToMeeting or a free conference call line automatically created for you after they select their slot.

No more copying and pasting meeting info or emailing back and forth to set up appointments.

Whether you are a solo consultant, part of a team of professionals, or an office of doctors, start spending your valuable time doing the things that make your company more money.

Automate your Infusionsoft appointments and day-to-day scheduling process with AppointmentCore.

Who is Product for? 

Google Calendar and/or Infusionsoft users

“AppointmentCore can pull your real-time availability from your Infusionsoft calendar, Google Calendar, and soon even Outlook.“

Key Features

  • Create Time Slots for Your Appointment
  • Your Prospect or Customer Selects Their Time Slot
  • Appointments Are Added to Infusionsoft Automatically
  • Create GoToMeeting Event Automatically
  • Generate a Link that Can be Used For Existing Infusionsoft Contacts
  • Choose How Long Before an Open Slot Someone can Schedule
  • AppointmentCore Calendar Shows You Your Appointments at a Glance
  • Buffer Time Gives You Time to Prepare Between Meetings
  • As Your Calendar Fills Up, Only Free Slots Will Be Shown
  • You List Availability in Your Timezone, They Book in Theirs
  • Rotate Your Team’s Availability
  • Integrate with AppointmentCore’s API


  • Lets you specify times you will be available for appointments.
  • Create the appointment for you, and automatically email both you and the prospect or customer with your meeting details. Prospects will be able to see time slots you are available.
  • Able to automatically create GoToMeeting Invitations for contacts.
  • Dashboard calendar shows all of your appointments at a glance.
  • Can send the same appointment request link to as many contacts as you like without worrying about double-booking.
  • Automatically rotate the availability of your team members.

Starting at:

Start Your 30-Day FREE Trial For Any Account
after the Free Trial:
$27 per month for Personal Plan
$47 per month for Team Plan
$87 per month for Professional Plan

Pricing model:


Free trial:

Yes, it is available on any account


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