An update from our Founder, Audra Carpenter

An update from our Founder

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Hey Everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I checked in with you all, that’s because in the last few months – I’ve been head down building all of this new stuff for you at zindo+co. I moved, got through a broken ankle, and wow… I just had a ton of stuff going on! 

I, of course, thought I could do it all… lol. And well… Here we are 🙂 But, It’s been a journey for sure.  

This month is the first time in a long time that I feel like I’m back to work 100%, though I must say – the warm weather here in Florida is calling me outside to work poolside. But don’t worry. I’m here and ready to do the work!

Today’s post will pull the curtain back on what’s going on inside my world – on the business side – including awesome things, some still working on things, and what’s coming in the next few months. So let’s dive in.


Yes, it’s finally here! 

The FREE & Plus Communities are OFFICIALLY OPEN and ready for you to come in and start connecting, learning, and growing. We’re still working on the PRO side of the community, but rest assured it will be worth the wait. I want to make sure that zindolabs can truly be a place that you can come to and get the help and guidance you need to keep moving your business forward. Keep an eye out for the Pro membership to go live in the fall.

Also, one of the most exciting parts included with your PRO membership of zindolabs will be that all of your advanced courses and content will be connected to your own ClickUp Space.  

So what does that mean… 

Well, it means I’ve preloaded a whole Project Management dashboard for you so that you can hit the ground running, 13 years as an agency owner made this just a bit easier :). 

I’ve created templates, SOPs, checklists, calendars, and so much more. This will be the infrastructure that you can use to run your business – A game-changer for so many businesses! I can’t wait to share it with you.


Now, some of you have been on the fence about getting started with your marketing because you don’t have a website yet. Well, you no longer need to wait! 

Head over to and get started. Yes, it’s hosting, but we do a bit more since we know what a website needs to look like to actually generate traffic and sales.

It’s time to stop dreaming about launching and get started building your website. zindohub lets you use our hosting, subdomains, templates, plugins, and of course free training to help get your site created and launched.  

It’s ready now.

So, while you are getting started at zindolabs, why not get your site created? If you need any help or input, head over to the WordPress forum, we’re happy to help.


Now, this is a good one. We created zindotech so you can stay out of the weeds of managing and updating your website. Our team is ready to do it for you. 

zindotech can also help you with some small tech jobs… things like helping install your Facebook Pixel or connecting your Google Analytics. These are just a couple of ways we can support you.

Remember, the zindo+co Marketplace’s whole goal is to be able to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in many of the ways that an agency would without the big price tag. We get it. We’ve been there and we’re here to help.


We’ve also just launched She’s .. lol I say she. Not sure why, but she feels like she. Anyway… zindoconnect was built so you can find providers within our community to support you further if you are looking for done-for-you services.  

As a member of zindolabs, you can post jobs directly inside your membership or use zindoconnect for a broader reach. Either way, you will have access to the expert support you need to keep your business moving forward.  


And lastly… if I haven’t told you enough…lol. There is our OG – The original site that inspired the birth of all of these wonderful babies. 

This is our blog and will be the front door to a ton of our marketing efforts. Our (soon-to-be) Podcast which is currently in production, will also be found here and tons of free, valuable content. 

Let me know if you’d like me to interview someone or review a site or software tool on the podcast. We’re excited by this one and want to keep the information relevant to what you care about.


An ecosystem this big can’t work effectively without a central hub for support. So, we’re hard at work building out a customer support infrastructure for all of the zindo+co marketplace

Running this many websites is no joke! LOL – The biggest issue is ensuring all of the members, no matter which platform they need support for is done in a timely and knowledgeable way. If you’re wondering how this is going to be handled, here’s the plan at the beginning:

  • One full-time customer support person to handle emails
  • A retainer with a 3rd party company to handle additional support through the helpdesk + live chat (as our inquiries grow)
  • Two part-time experts a.k.a Guides on marketing & tech for complicated issues and walkthrough videos

We will also start doing a daily “Quick30 ” for helping people with quick one and done tasks in 30 minutes or less. It could be connecting a piece of software to your website, updating plugins, setting up a ClickUp template and so much more. 

zindolabs will also be holding office hours three times a week, so bring your questions! Plus, we’ll be consistently adding courses, content, and SOPs to help you learn how to set up your business for true growth!

Then we’ll have several full-time people JUST to serve as your ‘guides’. We are building a community of ‘Do it with you’! So you’ll never be stuck for long.

These are just a few of the things that are currently going on. I didn’t even mention the Pro Membership that will be coming soon this fall. This membership will have just a few, special done for you, services that typically are only available from high-priced agencies :). 

Shew..! So let’s wrap up with a peek into what my days are looking like right now…

Productivity, Money, and My Daily Routine

My days are finally starting to get back to some semblance of routine. My day starts somewhere between 5 am and 7 am (yes, I like to wake up when my body says it’s time). 

Typically I would get up and work out. But I haven’t been able to start running again since the broken ankle in April 2022. I’m up to walking about a mile currently, but that’s pushing it. It’s coming, I feel it. Lots and lots of water, then maybe a cup of coffee or tea. 

I’ve planned out my day the night before so it’s super easy to jump into the morning because I’m not wasting time trying to figure out where to start. 

I have scheduled a bunch of super-easy stuff to give me some small quick wins and really allow myself to wake up a bit more. Once those are out of the way, I jump into the real work.

The past year has been focused on marketing and web development client projects (this keeps me funded during my build so I won’t need funding ), volunteering, and building the zindo+co marketplace. Then, I dig into whatever is still open on my list and start completing these items.  

The hours between 8-11 are pretty fluid. There’s a protein shake, emails to answer, social media to respond to, getting ready, etc. It’s a mix of delegation and quick wins.

I typically work in chunks of 50 mins. Once into a project, I stay focused on the tasks I’ve set out for myself and do my best not to veer off track until it’s done. I schedule client updates in the morning when I can, so I have the rest of the day to work on their tasks.  

I’m no different from many of you that are still working another job while building your dream. 

We do what we need to do to get there.  

My afternoons are usually covered in deep work. And typically a couple of nights a month I’m teaching a workshop for entrepreneurs around marketing, social media, or websites as my volunteer gig.

Soon I’ll be lifting the curtain so you all can see what I’ve been working on but to say the least, it’s the biggest and toughest thing I’ve ever built. So, it gets as much time and attention as I can possibly give it.

It’s really a solid 60-70 hours of work a week. Yes, I know I don’t have much of a social life, but it’s ok right now because what I’m building is bigger than a few missed parties.  Besides, with a broken ankle, it’s been more of an inconvenience to try and go anywhere unnecessary. 

Listen, we all have to make sacrifices to get what we want. I’m just doing what I need to do to make this happen.  

I think that’s enough updates for now, it’s time to get back into things since it’s only 5 pm here.

Now go learn something,


Audra Carpenter
Audra Carpenter
Audra Carpenter has managed and launched multiple businesses across several different industries, in several different states.Since 2009, she has found her unmistakable place in the world of launching and scaling businesses online. After years of self-teaching, taking risks, and building new things, she launched zindo+co, which a virtual marketplace for launching, growing, and scaling a business online.

Every new adventure starts with the first step—and so does every new business. You’ve already taken the first step of your adventure by launching your business, now let’s take the next step together.

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