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july 11, 2024
Watch a robot navigate the Google DeepMind offices using Gemini (
Every product Samsung unveiled at Unpacked July 2024: Galaxy Z Fold 6, Watch Ultra, Ring, more (
july 10, 2024
OpenAI Blocks LLM Access for Chinese Devs After ChatGPT Restriction in China (
Beeble AI raises $4.75M to launch a virtual production platform for indie filmmakers (
OpenAI and Los Alamos National Laboratory announce research partnership (
Samsung launches the AI Galaxy Ring, an Oura smart ring competitor (
Microsoft Gives Up Observer Seat in OpenAI Board, Apple Also Unlikely to Join (
july 9, 2024
Artifacts made with Claude can now be published and shared (Anthropic on X)
Stability AI Releases New Stable Assistant Features (
You can now evaluate prompts in the Anthropic developer console (
Chinese developers scramble as OpenAI blocks access in China (
july 8, 2024
Magnific AI Upscaler gets Adobe Photoshop Plugin (Javi Lopez on Twitter)
Animate any portrait with Live Portrait (now available on Hugging Face) (
Poe introduces “Previews” – See and interact with web applications generated directly in chats (Poe on X)
Odyssey shows off “Hollywood-grade” visual AI that can be both generated and directed (Oliver Cameron on X)
Meta AI develops compact language model for mobile devices (
Google Cloud TPUs made available to Hugging Face users (
july 7, 2024
AI-Driven Behavior Change Could Transform Health Care (
july 5, 2024
Stability AI Updated Their Stable Diffusion 3 Licensing Terms After Criticism (
Midjourney Magazine Releases Year One Coffee Table Book (
Andrej Karpathy’s Keynote & Winner Pitches at UC Berkeley AI Hackathon 2024 (Berkeley SkyDeck on Youtube)
Phoenix Cop Hilariously Pulls Over Driverless Waymo Going Wrong Way, Who Pays The Ticket? (
Google Researchers Publish Paper About How AI Is Ruining the Internet (
AI industry needs to earn $600 billion per year to pay for massive hardware spend (
Tesla shows its humanoid robot Optimus at China AI conference, but behind glass (
july 4, 2024
 OpenAI’s ChatGPT Mac app was storing conversations in plain text (
 Cloudflare now allows you to block AI bots, scrapers and crawlers with a single click (
 Kyutai, a nonprofit AI research lab, unveiled Moshi, a real-time voice AI system (Kyutai on Youtube)
july 3, 2024
ElevenLabs Launches Free Voice Isolator and Background Noise Remover (
Google will now generate disclosures for political ads that use AI (
Shanghai AI Lab introduced InternLM 2.5-7B, am open-source model with a 1M context window (InternLM on X)
july 2, 2024
Perplexity Pro Search: Upgraded for more advanced problem-solving (
The future of music creation? Suno’s AI app hits the App Store (
Leaked WhatsApp Feature Allows Users to Create Customized Stickers Using Their Own Image (
Apple to Get OpenAI Board Observer Role as Part of AI Agreement (
Meta’s new AI model does text-to-3D images in under a minute (
Figma disables its AI design feature that appeared to be ripping off Apple’s Weather app (
News outlets are accusing Perplexity of plagiarism and unethical web scraping (
Anthropic looks to fund a new, more comprehensive generation of AI benchmarks (
Listen to books and articles voiced by Judy Garland, James Dean, Burt Reynolds and Sir Laurence Olivier (
july 1, 2024
YouTube now lets you request removal of AI-generated content that simulates your face or voice  (
Instagram’s ‘Made with AI’ label swapped out for ‘AI info’ after photographers’ complaints  (
xAI’s Grok 2: Elon Musk Unveils JARVIS-Inspired AI Assistant Arriving in August (
june 30, 2024
Apple could announce a Google Gemini deal this fall (
Figma will use your content to train its AI (
june 28, 2024
Microsoft’s AI boss thinks it’s perfectly OK to steal content if it’s on the open web (
The Center for Investigative Reporting is suing OpenAI and Microsoft (
The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are about to get new competition (
june 27, 2024
Finding GPT-4’s mistakes with GPT-4 (
Zuckerberg disses closed-source AI competitors as trying to ‘create God’ (
Announcing LangGraph v0.1 & LangGraph Cloud: Running agents at scale, reliably (
Meta starts testing user-created AI chatbots on Instagram (
Character.AI now allows users to talk with AI avatars over calls (
YouTube is trying to make AI music deals with major record labels (
TIME and OpenAI Announce Strategic Content Partnership (
TIME and ElevenLabs partner to accelerate the creation of audio accessible content (
Google Translate adds 110 languages in its biggest expansion yet (
Google launches Gemma 2, its next generation of open models (
Gemini 1.5 Pro 2M context window, code execution capabilities, and Gemma 2 are available today (
june 26, 2024
Amazon is reportedly working on a new AI chatbot (
Captions releases AI edit feature that automatically adds effects to your video (
Figma announces big redesign with AI (
Expanding Access to Claude for Government (
What the RIAA lawsuits against Udio and Suno mean for AI and copyright (
Lester Holt interviews Open AI’s Sam Altman and Airbnb’s Brian Chesky (NBC News on YouTube)
Opera’s browser adds AI-powered image generation and better multimedia controls (
An AI version of Al Michaels will deliver Olympic recaps on Peacock (
june 25, 2024
ESM3: Simulating 500 million years of evolution with a language model (
OpenAI has delayed the release of their Advanced Voice Assistant (OpenAI on X)
ChatGPT for Mac is now available to all (
Collaborate with Claude on Projects (
The owner of Toys ‘R’ Us just used OpenAI’s Sora to animate the zombie brand (
Introducing the ElevenLabs Reader App (
Rabbit data breach: all r1 responses ever given can be downloaded (
Etched Unveils Sohu: AI Chip Claims 20x Performance Boost for Transformer Models (
june 24, 2024
Gemini in the side panel of Gmail is rolling out now (
Introducing Synthesia 2.0 (Synthesia on YouTube)
Sony, Warner, Universal Sue Suno, Udio For Training AI on Copyrighted Music (
OpenAI buys a remote collaboration platform (
june 23, 2024
Apple, Meta Have Discussed an AI Partnership (
Stability AI gets new CEO and funding (
Google introduces new AI tools for Workspace for Education (google)
Meta AI Arrives In India: Leading AI Assistant Now At Your Fingertip (
june 21, 2024
Multiple AI companies bypassing web standard to scrape publisher sites, licensing firm says (
Grok 1.5 potential use of Midjourney for image generation gains evidence (
Apple Won’t Roll Out AI Tech In EU Market Over Regulatory Concerns (
OpenAI acquires Rockset (
june 20, 2024
Anthropic’s Claude 3.5 Sonnet wows AI power users: ‘this is wild’ (
Leonardo AI Launches a New Model—Can It Dethrone Ideogram as Best Image Generator? (
Swallow this robot: Endiatx’s tiny pill examines your body with cameras, sensors (
Walmart Tech Executive Joins PayPal as Its New ‘AI-Focused’ CTO (
Empowering defenders through our Cybersecurity Grant Program (
Introducing Claude 3.5 Sonnet (
June 19, 2024
Musk’s xAI supercomputer will get server racks from Dell and Super Micro (
Ai Build launches new version of its AI-powered 3D printing software (
Apple Intelligence Will Label AI-Generated Images in Metadata (
Microsoft drops Florence-2, a unified model to handle a variety of vision tasks (
OpenAI’s former chief scientist is starting a new AI company (
june 18, 2024
Apple’s Vision Pro team is reportedly focused on building a cheaper headset (
Nvidia is the most valuable company in the world (
Releasing New AI Research Models to Accelerate Innovation at Scale (
Top things to know about Copilot+ PCs from Microsoft Surface, available today at (
june 17, 2024
Meet Symphony Avatars: TikTok’s New Creative AI Tool (
Feds, private sector run first-ever simulation of an AI cyberattack (
Google DeepMind Shifts From Research Lab to AI Product Factory (
Perplexity now displays results for temperature, currency conversion and simple math (
Adobe Acrobat Reimagines Documents for Multi-Format, AI-Powered Work (
Google DeepMind Unveils News Research – Generating audio for video (
China’s DeepSeek Coder becomes first open-source coding model to beat GPT-4 Turbo (
Apple embraces open-source AI with 20 Core ML models on Hugging Face platform (
Introducing Gen-3 Alpha: A New Frontier for Video Generation (
june 15, 2024
Sam Altman says OpenAI could become a for-profit meaning it could eventually IPO (
June 14, 2024
AI candidate running for Parliament in the U.K. says AI can humanize politics (
Former Meta engineers launch Jace AI that works independently (
Snowden: OpenAI Hiring Former NSA Director Is ‘Willful, Calculated Betrayal’ (
OpenAI appoints Retired U.S. Army General Paul M. Nakasone to Board of Directors (
McDonald’s is ending its drive-thru AI test (
Meta pauses AI models launch in Europe due to Irish request (
june 13, 2024
New Open-Source Qwen2 outperforms Llama 3 on every benchmark (
Spotify announces an in-house creative agency, tests generative AI voiceover ads (
Satya Nadella remarks at the 2024 G7 Summit (
june 12, 2024
Apple paying OpenAI with exposure, not money (
Photographer Disqualified From AI Image Contest After Winning With Real Photo (
OpenAI to use Oracle’s chips for more AI compute (
Luma AI debuts ‘Dream Machine’ for realistic video generation, heating up AI media race (
Apple Passes Microsoft to Become World’s Most Valuable Company Again (
Diffusers welcomes Stable Diffusion 3 (
Stable Diffusion 3 Medium (
Suno releases new “Audio Input” feature to add your own sounds to AI-generated music (Suno on X)
june 11, 2024
Google still recommends glue for your pizza (
Pika Labs updates and improves its image-to-video model (Pika on X)
MidJourney releases new “Model Personalization Feature (MidJourney on X)
Elon Musk drops suit against OpenAI and Sam Altman (
Google Introduces Gemini Nano AI for Pixel 8 Series in Latest Feature Drop (
Microsoft makes Copilot Pro less appealing, ditches ChatGPT’s GPT Builder (
Apple and Samsung Have Different Visions of AI for Our Phones (
AI and drone footage help accurately estimate protest crowd sizes (
june 10, 2024
Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices from his companies over Apple’s ChatGPT integrations (
OpenAI welcomes Sarah Friar (CFO) and Kevin Weil (CPO) (
Adobe’s new terms of service say it won’t train AI on customers’ work (
OpenAI and Apple announce partnership (
Introducing Apple Intelligence for iPhone, iPad, and Mac (
iOS 18 makes iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent than ever (
macOS Sequoia takes productivity and intelligence on Mac to new heights (
iPadOS 18 introduces powerful intelligence features and apps for Apple Pencil (
june 9, 2024
F1 Unveils AI-Generated Trophy for Montreal Grand Prix Winner Created by Amazon (
june 7, 2024
OpenAI Sora’s biggest rival is here: Chinese AI model Kling creates videos with more accuracy (
AI Startup Perplexity Says News Summary Tool Has ‘Rough Edges’ (
Apple WWDC 2024 What to Expect: AI, iPadOS, iOS 18, macOS 15, Siri Updates, More (
Adobe terms clarified: Will never own your work, or use it to train AI (
Update on the Recall preview feature for Copilot+ PCs (
june 6, 2024
Ashton Kutcher Is Getting Dragged For His Comments About AI (
Artificial intelligence is running for mayor of Cheyenne (
Google is working on a Recall-like feature for Chromebooks (
Camtasia 2024 embraces AI to improve workflow and simplify video creation (
june 5, 2024
Sneak Peek: AI Playground, AI Made Easy For Intel Arc GPUs (
Introducing Stable Audio Open – An Open Source Model for Audio Samples and Sound Design (
Humane warns AI Pin owners to ‘immediately’ stop using its charging case (
june 4, 2024
AI apocalypse? ChatGPT, Claude and Perplexity all went down at the same time (
Elon Musk told Nvidia to ship AI chips reserved for Tesla to X, xAI (
Even the Raspberry Pi is getting in on AI (
Computex 2024: ASUS announces PCs with AMD Ryzen AI processors (
Cisco ThousandEyes Digital Experience Assurance Radically Shifts IT Operations from Monitoring to Action (
Cisco Reveals Nexus HyperFabric, A Data Center Infrastructure Solution with NVIDIA for Generative AI (
Cisco Launches $1B Global AI Investment Fund (
Cisco Live 2024: Cisco Announces New AI-powered Innovations and Investments (
OpenAI employee says he was fired for raising security concerns to board (
OpenAI Employees Warn of Advanced AI Dangers (
june 3, 2024
Zoom CEO Eric Yuan wants AI clones in meetings (
NVIDIA’s latest AI feature is in-game help (
Apple set to disappoint fans with hardware-free WWDC (
Zoom CEO Eric Yuan wants AI clones in meetings (
Hitachi and Microsoft enter agreement to accelerate business and social innovation with generative AI (
June 2, 2024
Jensen Huang Computex Keynote: Nvidia Reveals New AI Software and Services (
Watch Everything Announced from AMD Keynote at Computex 2024 (
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Keynote at COMPUTEX 2024 (Nvidia on YouTube)
june 1, 2024
Meta is using your posts to train AI. It’s not easy to opt out (
Will Siri Become More Like ChatGPT? All Eyes on Apple’s WWDC (
may 31, 2024
Fable Studio Plans Artificial Intelligence Streaming Platform ( 
Tribeca to Screen AI-Generated Short Films Created by OpenAI’s Sora (
OpenAI is restarting its robotics research group (
AI generated sound effects are here (
Meta’s AI is summarizing some bizarre Facebook comment sections (
AI Search Company Launches Custom AI Assistants (
may 30, 2024
Magic Leap and Google enter into a partnership to advance XR technologies (
Tech giants form an industry group to help develop next-gen AI chip components (
Perplexity AI’s new feature will turn your searches into shareable pages (
Claude can now use tools (
OpenAI for Education (
Introducing OpenAI for Nonprofits (
Disrupting deceptive uses of AI by covert influence operations (
may 29, 2024
The new Udio-130 allows up to 2-minute AI song generations (Udio on X)
Gavin Newsom warns against perils of over-regulating AI (
Custom GPTs open for free ChatGPT users (
Enhancing news in ChatGPT with The Atlantic (
Mistral AI introduces Codestral, their first model fine-tuned for coding (
Vox Media and OpenAI Form Strategic Content and Product Partnership (
GTA 7 Will Be Built ‘In A Twin Of The Real World’ Says Former Googler (
may 28, 2024
AI headphones let wearer listen to a single person in a crowd, by looking at them just once (
Microsoft launches Copilot for Telegram (
OpenAI’s board learned about the launch of ChatGPT via Twitter (Bilawal Sidhu on X)
New AI tools much hyped but not much used, study says (
Apple’s WWDC 2024 Invite Is Out. The Wait for iOS 18 and AI Is Almost Over (
Anthropic hires former OpenAI safety lead to head up new team (
Elon Musk and Yann LeCun’s social media feud highlights key differences in approach to AI research and hype (
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman pledges to donate most of his wealth (
Google adds AI-powered features to Chromebook (
OpenAI Board Forms Safety and Security Committee (
may 27, 2024
Chatbot Maker Discussing Potential Partnerships With Meta, xAI (
Iyo thinks its GenAI earbuds can succeed where Humane and Rabbit stumbled (
May 26, 2026
xAI raises record-breaking series B funding round (
May 25, 2024
Make a song from any sound with Suno 3.5 (Suno on X)
may 24, 2024
Meta Creates Group to Advise on AI Products (
may 23, 2024
OpenAI sends internal memo releasing former employees from NDAs (
Google’s AI Feature Suggested Using Glue to Keep Cheese on a Pizza (
OpenAI didn’t copy Scarlett Johansson’s voice for ChatGPT, records show (
A new way to generate basketball analytics through tracking with computer vision and AI (Amar Singh on X)
Near plans AI agent to help users code decentralized apps (
Microsoft being investigated over new ‘Recall’ AI feature that tracks your every PC move (
Amazon plans to give Alexa an AI overhaul, monthly subscription price (
A landmark multi-year global partnership with News Corp (
may 21, 2024
Adobe brings Firefly AI-powered Generative Remove to Lightroom (
Humane is looking for a buyer after the AI Pin’s underwhelming debut (
Meta introduces Chameleon, a state-of-the-art multimodal model (
In Seoul summit, heads of states and companies commit to AI safety (
Windows now has AI-powered copy and paste (
Microsoft Edge will translate and dub YouTube videos as you’re watching them (
Microsoft launches Phi-3, previews its Phi-3-vision multimodal AI (
Microsoft intros a Copilot for teams (
Introducing GitHub Copilot Extensions: Unlocking unlimited possibilities with our ecosystem of partners (
Microsoft Copilot+ Recall feature ‘privacy nightmare’ (
May 20, 2024
Redefining the Future of AI (
Apple teaming with OpenAI on chatbot to be announced at WWDC (
LOVO AI lawsuit: Actors Hit AI Voice Cloning Company With Class Action (
Microsoft Paint is getting an AI-powered image generator that responds to your text prompts and doodles (
With Recall, Microsoft is using AI to fix Windows’ eternally broken search (
Has ChatGPT launched its Search product in stealth? (
ChatGPT’s mobile app revenue saw its biggest spike yet following GPT-4o launch (
Scarlett Johansson says that OpenAI approached her to use her voice (
Accelerating innovation: A new era of AI at work begins (
Introducing Copilot+ PCs (
may 19, 2024
How the voices for ChatGPT were chosen (
may 17, 2024
Sony Music Group warns more than 700 companies against using its content to train AI (
The ChatGPT desktop app is more helpful than I expected – here’s why and how to try it | ZDNET (
ChatGPT lets users upload from Google Drive and OneDrive directly (
Slack under attack over sneaky AI training policy (
may 16, 2024
OpenAI Staffers Responsible for Safety Are Jumping Ship (
What to expect from Microsoft Build 2024: The Surface event, Windows 11 and AI (
Google and OpenAI show we’re entering a new phase of the AI era (
may 15, 2024
Anthropic hires Instagram co-founder as head of product (
Everyone in Hollywood Is Using AI, but “They Are Scared to Admit It” (
Google I/O 2024: 100 things Google announced (google)
may 14, 2024
Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI co-founder and longtime chief scientist, departs (
Google I/O 2024: Sundar Pichai on Gemini, AI progress and more (google)
Google I/O 2024: New ways to experience Google AI on Android (google)
Google I/O 2024: Google Gemini update: Access to 1.5 Pro and new features (google)
Google I/O 2024: Introducing Veo and Imagen 3 generative AI tools (google)
Google I/O 2024: Gemini 1.5 Pro updates, 1.5 Flash debut and 2 new Gemma models (google)
Google I/O 2024: Sign up for VideoFX and see updates to MusicFX, ImageFX (google)
Google I/O 2024: How Google’s LearnLM generative AI models support teachers and learners (google)
Google I/O 2024: Google Gemini updates: Flash 1.5, Gemma 2 and Project Astra (google)
Google I/O 2024: Ask Photos: New AI feature coming to Google Photos (google)
Google I/O 2024: New generative AI experiences in Search (google)
Cisco Hypershield revamps cybersecurity with AI-powered defense (
may 13, 2024
Google showcases a potential answer to GPT-4o ahead of I/O (
Apple Releases Logic Pro for Mac and iPad Updates With New AI Features (
OpenAI’s custom GPT Store is now open to all for free (
Hello GPT-4o (
OpenAI Spring Update (Live Stream) (
may 11, 2024
At the AI Film Festival, humanity triumphed over tech (
may 10, 2024
Bumble’s CEO says your dating ‘AI concierge’ will date hundreds of other people’s ‘concierges’ for you (Tsarathustra on X)
OpenAI considers allowing AI porn (
Hong Kong University Brings Albert Einstein to Life Using AI, Transforming Him into a Virtual Lecturer (
may 9, 2024
Stability AI sows gen AI discord with Stable Artisan (
Krea begins rolling out AI video feature (Krea on X)
ElevenLabs is working on Suno/Udio-style song feature (ElevenLabs on X)
Google I/O 2024: What to expect (
may 8, 2024
Sam Altman Says AI’s Economic Impact Is a Top Concern (
Microsoft is building a $3.3 billion data center at the former Foxconn site (
Daimler’s driverless semi trucks will hit the road in 2027 (
Google DeepMind and Isomorphic Labs introduce AlphaFold 3 AI model (google)
may 7, 2024
OpenAI strikes licensing deal with the magazine giant behind People (
Sperm whale ‘alphabet’ discovered, thanks to machine learning (
OpenAI Creating “Media Manager” so that content owners can manage how their works are used in AI (
Meet Pixel 8a: The Google AI phone at an unbeatable value (google)
Apple introduces M4 chip (
may 6, 2024
40,000 AI-narrated audiobooks flood Audible, dividing authors and listeners (
Generative AI will be designing new drugs on its own in near future (
New Microsoft AI model may challenge GPT-4 and Google Gemini (
YouTube Premium members can now test AI ‘Jump ahead’ (
Warren Buffett says AI scamming will be the next big ‘growth industry’ (
New Apple Photos app to utilize generative AI for image editing (
Stack Overflow and OpenAI Partner to Strengthen the World’s Most Popular Large Language Models (
Hugging Face launches LeRobot open source robotics code library (
X launches Stories, delivering news summarized by Grok AI (
More details emerge about Apple’s plans for AI in iOS 18 (
may 2, 2024
OpenAI appears to be planning on getting into the search engine game (Lior S. on LinkedIn)
You can now generate even longer songs with Udio (Udio on X)
Microsoft bans U.S. police departments from using enterprise AI tool (
First music video generated by OpenAI’s Sora is here (
may 1, 2024
Meshy-3 is Here: Ultra Realistic Sculptures, PBR, and New Image to 3D Pipeline (Meshy on YouTube)
Ideogram Pro launches with 12K fast AI image generations monthly (
Microsoft’s OpenAI investment was triggered by Google fears, emails reveal (
Introducing the Claude Team plan and iOS app (
april 30, 2024
Google to pay up to $6 mln to News Corp for new AI content, The Information reports | Reuters (
april 29. 2024
‘ChatGPT for CRISPR’ creates new gene-editing tools (
We’re bringing the Financial Times’ world-class journalism to ChatGPT (
Mysterious new LLM “gpt2-chatbot” appears to perform as well as state of the art models (
ChatGPT has rolled out “Memory” for all ChatGPT Plus Users (OpenAI on X)
China Unveils Vidu: A Powerful Text-to-Video Generator (
GitHub Copilot Workspace: Welcome to the Copilot-native developer environment (
april 28, 2024
China unveils first self-developed humanoid robot (CGTN on YouTube)
Sam Altman’s OpenAI reportedly in partnership talks with his other firm, Worldcoin (
Meta’s ‘set it and forget it’ AI ad tools are misfiring and blowing through cash (
april 26, 2024
Apple’s OpenAI Talks Intensify as It Seeks to Add AI Features (
Biden administration taps tech CEOs for AI safety, security board (
AI-powered home security system strikes back with paintballs and tear gas (
Drake has taken down his diss track featuring AI Tupac   (
Google announces new investments in data centers and AI upskilling (google)
april 25, 2024
Meditron: An LLM suite for low-resource medical settings leveraging Meta Llama (
Sanctuary’s new humanoid robot learns faster and costs less (
Metro installing AI-powered cameras on buses to issue tickets to illegally parked vehicles (
OpenAI customer story: Moderna (
Watch it and weep (or smile): Synthesia’s AI video avatars now feature emotions (
New research on generative AI and the economy (google)
april 24, 2024
Adobe’s impressive AI upscaling project makes blurry videos look HD (
Tupac’s estate may sue Drake over ‘Taylor Made’ AI-generated diss track (
Eric Schmidt-backed Augment, a GitHub Copilot rival, launches out of stealth with $252M (
Rabbit R1 hands-on: early tests with the $199 AI gadget (
Snowflake releases a flagship generative AI model of its own (
Microsoft’s Mini AI Is Built to Run on Your Phone, and That’s a Key Difference (
April 23, 2024
Apple cuts 2024 & 2025 Vision Pro shipment forecasts (
Microsoft launches Phi-3, its smallest AI model yet (
Adobe’s new Firefly model makes it easier to use Photoshop’s AI tools (
Mustafa Suleyman: AI is turning into something totally new (TED Talk) (
Introducing more enterprise-grade features for API customers (
OpenAI’s commitment to child safety: adopting safety by design principles (
New Ray-Ban | Meta Smart Glasses Styles and Meta AI Updates (
Introducing the Open Chain of Thought Leaderboard (
april 22, 2024
Microsoft hires former Meta exec to bolster AI supercomputing team (
Report: Apple acquires French startup behind AI and computer vision technology (
Jack of All Trades, Master of Some, a Multi-Purpose Transformer Agent (
Introducing Our Open Mixed Reality Ecosystem (
april 19, 2024
TED Uses Sora to Imagine TED in 40-years (TED on X)
IOC takes the lead for the Olympic Movement and launches Olympic AI Agenda (
Drake Drops ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’ With AI Tupac Shakur Verse (
Blockade Labs improves quality for AI-generated 3D art for 360-degree apps (
AI now surpasses humans in almost all performance benchmarks (
april 18, 2024
HarperCollins to Use ElevenLabs on Non-English Audiobooks (
Blockade Labs improves quality for AI-generated 3D art for 360-degree apps (
ChatGPT is a squeeze away with Nothing’s upgraded earbuds (
Stable Diffusion 3 API Now Available (
Meta adds its AI chatbot, powered by Llama 3, to the search bar across its apps (
US Air Force confirms first successful AI dogfight (
Wide Open: NVIDIA Accelerates Inference on Meta Llama 3 (
Meet Your New Assistant: Meta AI, Built With Llama 3 (
Introducing Meta Llama 3: The most capable openly available LLM to date (
april 17, 2024
Hala Point: Intel reveals world’s biggest ‘brain-inspired’ neuromorphic computer (
An update on Amazon’s plans for Just Walk Out and checkout-free technology (
Boston Dynamics’ Atlas humanoid robot goes electric (
Google will provide AI to the National Guard for disaster response (
Google will pump more than $100B into AI says DeepMind boss (
Logitech announces AI Prompt Builder software with matching mouse (
Microsoft announces new industrial AI innovations from the cloud to the factory floor (
april 16, 2024
iOS 18 to include limited on-device AI features (
5 highlights from Google Cloud Next 2024 (google)
Amazon Music follows Spotify with an AI playlist generator of its own, Maestro (
Adobe explores OpenAI partnership as it adds AI video tools (
april 15, 2024
Humane AI Pin is Worst Gadget MKBHD Has Ever Reviewed (MKBHD on YouTube)
Multi-bot Chat is Now Available on Poe (
Adobe previews AI object addition and removal for Premiere Pro (
Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 19 arrives with AI-powered motion tracking and color grading (
Introducing Idefics2: A Powerful 8B Vision-Language Model for the community (
april 14, 2024
Introducing OpenAI Japan (
april 12, 2024
Grok-1.5 Vision Preview (
SAG-AFTRA union secures AI protections for artists in deal with major record labels (
Meta is testing an AI-powered search bar in Instagram (
Forbes 2024 AI 50 List – Top Artificial Intelligence Startups (
Freepik redefines AI image generation with unrivaled realism in real-time (
april 11, 2024
Adobe purchases videos at $3 per minute to drive AI (
Dyson’s AR app shows you where you’ve vacuumed (
Intel unveils Gaudi 3 AI accelerator, says it beats Nvidia’s H100 (
Google Will Open Its Magic Editor AI Photo Tools to Everyone for Free, With a Catch (
Meta’s AI chief: LLMs will never reach human-level intelligence (
Humane AI Pin review: the post-smartphone future isn’t here yet (
Google and Intel challenge Nvidia on AI chips. It won’t be easy.(
april 10, 2024
Card game developer paid an ‘AI artist’ $90,000 to generate card art (
Former Google Deepmind Researchers Launch Udio, A New AI-Powered Music App (
Mistral Releases New Mixtral 8x22b Model Via Torrent on X (Mistral on X)
Gemma Family Expands with Models Tailored for Developers and Researchers (
Our next generation Meta Training and Inference Accelerator (
april 9, 2024
OpenAI Releases “Majorly Improved” GPT-4 Turbo Model (OpenAI on X)
New bill would force AI companies to reveal use of copyrighted art (
Gemini 1.5 Pro Now Available in 180+ Countries; With Native Audio Understanding and More (
Meta confirms that its Llama 3 open source LLM is coming in the next month (
Apple Vision Pro brings a new era of spatial computing to business (
Google Cloud Next 2024: Gemini and generative AI updates (
Gemini for Google Cloud is here (
CodeGemma – an official Google release for code LLMs (
april 8, 2024
Introducing Stable LM 2 12B (
OpenAI transcribed over a million hours of YouTube videos to train GPT-4 (
Prime Minister of Canada on Securing Canada’s AI advantage (
Elon Musk predicts AI will be smarter than the smartest human next year (
Spotify Premium Users Can Now Turn Any Idea Into a Personalized Playlist With AI Playlist in Beta (
AI Is Now Analyzing Your Garbage to Reduce Food Waste (
Elon Musk says Tesla will reveal its robotaxi on August 8th (
Announcing new Microsoft AI Hub in London (
april 5 2024
YC’s latest Demo Day shows fascinating wagers on healthcare, chip design, AI and more (
Apple Reportedly Developing Robots That’ll Roam Your Home (
Our Approach to Labeling AI-Generated Content and Manipulated Media (
april 4, 2024
The Circle’ season 6 cast revealed, including an A.I. catfish (
Opera becomes the first major browser with built-in access to local AI models (
Amazon’s Just Walk Out Actually Uses 1,000 People in India (
George Carlin’s estate settles lawsuit over comedian’s AI doppelganger (
Tech Giants Rally to Combat AI-Driven Job Losses (
Meet Storyblocks’ new AI powered search engine (
Waymo vehicles now delivering Uber eats in Phoenix (
Introducing improvements to the fine-tuning API and expanding our custom models program (
april 3, 2024
Apple’s ReALM AI model can ‘see’ and understand screen context; ‘substantially outperformed’ GPT-4 (
Humane, Rabbit, Brilliant, Meta: the AI gadgets are here (
Introducing Stable Audio 2.0 (With longer outputs and audio-to-audio) (
Bhavish Aggarwal teases Ola Solo, world’s first self-driven electric scooter (
april 2, 2024
Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry and other musicians sign letter against irresponsible AI (
Now Apple Vision Pro Personas can float freely across different apps (
Yahoo is acquiring Artifact to bring its AI features to Yahoo News (
April 1, 2024
Jon Stewart On The False Promises of AI | The Daily Show (
 You can now edit images you create with DALL·E (
 Microsoft, OpenAI plan $100 billion data-center project, media report says (
 Start using ChatGPT instantly (
march 29, 2024
Every US federal agency must hire a chief AI officer (
Microsoft Copilot AI will soon run locally on PCs (
Announcing Grok-1.5 (
NYC will test AI gun detectors on the subway (
Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Synthetic Voices (
March 27, 2024
Amazon spends $2.7B on startup Anthropic in largest venture investment (
“The king is dead”—Claude 3 surpasses GPT-4 on Chatbot Arena for the first time (
Nvidia Sweeps AI Benchmarks While AMD Misses The Boat. Again. (
ElevenLabs gives lifelike voice to rabbit’s r1 device (
march 26, 2024
Adobe launches new AI tools and Microsoft partnership (
Google’s new AI search results promotes sites pushing malware, scams (
OpenAI has new features in the pipeline for GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 (
WWDC 2024 will show off Apple’s AI efforts on June 10 (
Hot AI Job Market Means Meta Is Offering Jobs Without Interviews, Zuck Emailing Candidates Himself (
Adobe Summit Opening Keynote 2024 (
Elon Musk says all Premium subscribers on X will gain access to AI chatbot Grok this week (
Airtable brings AI summarization to paying users (
march 25, 2024
OpenAI wants Hollywood to use Sora (bensbites)
Introducing Stable Code Instruct 3B (
Sora: First Impressions (
march 23, 2024
Emad Mostaque Resigns as CEO of Stability AI and Steps Down From The Board (
march 22, 2024
Tennessee becomes the first state to protect artists against AI (
march 21, 2024
Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered Surface Devices and Copilot for Windows (
march 20, 2024
Unitree’s robot is the first humanoid to do a backflip without hydraulics (
OpenAI’s chatbot store is filling up with spam (
Key Stable Diffusion Researchers Leave Stability AI As Company Flounders (
march 19, 2024
Introducing Stable Video 3D: Quality Novel View Synthesis and 3D Generation from Single Images (
Everything Just Announced at Google’s AI Health Event (
Mustafa Suleyman, DeepMind and Inflection Co-founder, joins Microsoft to lead Copilot (
march 18, 2024
Nvidia enlists humanoid robotics’ biggest names for new AI platform, GR00T (
Nvidia’s newest cloud service promises to accelerate quantum computing simulations (
Nvidia announces Earth-2 digital twin to forecast planet’s climate change (
Nvidia unveils next-gen Blackwell GPUs with 25X lower costs and energy consumption (
Sam Altman on Lex Fridman Podcast: OpenAI, GPT-5, Sora, Board Saga, Elon Musk, Ilya, Power & AGI (
Hey YouTube creators, it’s time to start labeling AI-generated content in your videos (
Google researchers unveil ‘VLOGGER’, an AI that can bring still photos to life (
‘We Created a Processor for the Generative AI Era,’ NVIDIA CEO Says (
march 17, 2024
Open Release of Grok-1 (
march 15, 2024
Apple buys startup DarwinAI, adds staff to its AI division (
FTC inquires about Reddit’s AI deals, ahead of IPO (
Mercedes is trialing humanoid robots for ‘low skill, repetitive’ tasks (
march 14, 2024
Adobe Firefly repeats the same AI blunders as Google Gemini (
Anthropic releases Claude 3 Haiku, an AI model built for speed and affordability (
OpenAI’s Sora text-to-video generator will be publicly available later this year (
SIMA generalist AI agent for 3D virtual environments (
OpenAI’s ChatGPT Now Gets a Humanoid Body (
march 13, 2024
World’s first major act to regulate AI passed by European lawmakers (
march 12, 2024
Google won’t let you use its Gemini AI to answer questions about an upcoming election in your country (
OpenAI’s GPT-4.5 Turbo leaked on search engines and could launch in June (
Deepgram’s Aura gives AI agents a voice (
Midjourney bans rival AI firm for scraping images (
march 10, 2024
LLMs surpass humans in predicting which neuroscience experiments will succeed (81% vs 64%) (
Apple hinted at big AI plans. Here’s what AppleGPT might entail (
march 8, 2024
Review completed & Altman, Brockman to continue to lead OpenAI (
OpenAI announces new members to board of directors (
Biden Calls for Ban on AI Voice Impersonations in State of the Union (
march 7, 2024
Inflection-2.5: meet the world’s best personal AI (
march 6, 2024
Microsoft invokes VCRs in motion to dismiss The New York Times’ AI lawsuit (
US army experimenting with generative AI chatbots in war games: Report (
D.C. advocacy group builds on Biden’s approach to regulating AI (
march 5, 2024
OpenAI and Elon Musk (
Perplexity Poised To Become Latest AI Startup To Hit Unicorn Status (
Competition in AI video generation heats up as DeepMind alums unveil Haiper (
march 4, 2024
Introducing TripoSR: Fast 3D Object Generation from Single Images (
AI tool predicts kidney failure six times faster than human expert analysts (
OpenAI adds ‘Read Aloud’ voiceover to ChatGPT (
Introducing the next generation of Claude (
march 2, 2024
California gives Waymo the green light to expand robotaxi operations (
March 1, 2024
AI chip startup Groq acquires Definitive Intelligence to scale its cloud platform (
Huge funding round makes “Figure” Big Tech’s favorite humanoid robot company (
Motorola teases first AI-powered Android phone to challenge Samsung’s AI throne (
Elon Musk sues OpenAI and Sam Altman over ‘betrayal’ of nonprofit AI mission (
february 29, 2024
Introducing Microsoft Copilot for Finance (
Microsoft is working with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to improve upscaling support in PC games (
Google brings Stack Overflow’s knowledge base to Gemini for Google Cloud (
february 28, 2024
Tim Cook says Apple will ‘break new ground’ in GenAI this year (
Stability AI partners with Morph Studio for an improved AI video creation workflow (Morph Studio on X)
Alibaba Group releases EMO Research for expressive audio-to-video face portraits (humanaigc on GitHub)
Ideogram introduces Ideogram 1.0 with better realism, prompt adherence, and text input (Ideogram on X)
Klarna CEO Boasts His AI Can Do Work of 700 People After Laying Off 700 People in 2022 (
RIP to the Apple Car, we hardly knew ye (
Adobe reveals a GenAI tool for music (
Meta’s Zuckerberg discusses mixed reality devices, AI with LG leaders in South Korea (
february 27, 2024
Pika Labs gives more control over AI-generated videos with new Lip Sync Feature (Pika on X)
OpenAI claims the Times cheated to get ChatGPT to regurgitate articles (
Tumblr’s owner is striking deals with OpenAI and Midjourney for training data, says report (
New in Superhuman AI: Instant Reply (
GitHub Copilot Enterprise is now generally available (
february 26, 2024
Bezos, Nvidia join OpenAI in funding humanoid robot startup, Bloomberg reports (
Google DeepMind Unveils AI ‘Genie’ to Instantly Conjure Playable Games (
MWC 2024: Everything announced so far, including a Samsung smart ring, Google AI features (
Google hopeful of fix for Gemini’s historical-image diversity issue within weeks (
Introducing Mistral-Large on Azure in partnership with Mistral AI (
february 23, 2024
What happened with Gemini image generation (google)
ElevenLabs partners with Perplexity to launch Discover Daily (
february 22, 2024
OpenAI rolls out new updates to GPT Store including feedback and ratings (OpenAI on X)
Suno Text-To-Song Generator Announces Version 3 Alpha (Suno on X)
ElevenLabs is one the companies accepted into Disney’s Accelerator Program (ElevenLabs on X)
Microsoft is getting an AI eraser for the Photos app in Windows 10 and 11 (
Jasper Expands by Acquiring Image Platform Clipdrop from Stability AI (
The Justice Department gets a chief AI officer (
Google Gemini’s AI Image Generator Accused of Being ‘Anti-White’ (
Google expands partnership with Reddit (google)
Google Chrome introduces experimental AI writing feature (google)
The Disney Accelerator Program Invests Heavily in AI Companies This Year (
Stable Diffusion 3 — Stability AI (
february 21, 2024
Microsoft admits that OpenAI’s Sora will come to Copilot (
Google DeepMind forms a new org focused on AI safety (
Match Group inks deal with OpenAI, says press release written by ChatGPT (
AI Isn’t Driving Tech Layoffs — and It’s Time to Change the Narrative (
Google One AI Premium: Gemini access in Gmail, Docs, Sheets and more (google)
Gemma: Google introduces new state-of-the-art open models (google)
Adobe launched an AI chatbot in beta for Acrobat to make navigating long documents easier (
february 20, 2024
MidJourney might be teaming up with X According To This X Post (DogeDesigner on X)
Adobe has created a new 50-person AI research org called CAVA (Gautham Mysore on LinkedIn)
Meet ‘Groq,’ the AI Chip That Leaves Elon Musk’s Grok in the Dust (
Will Smith Breaks the Internet with AI-Generated Spaghetti Video Parody (
AI Crypto Assets Skyrocket With Over $10 Billion Added to the Sector in 17 Days (
Let’s build the GPT Tokenizer (Andrej Karpathy on YouTube)
february 19, 2024
AI Sound Effects are coming soon (
Introducing OpusClip 3.0. The smartest AI video clipping tool just got smarter (OpusClip on X)
february 18, 2024
Reddit reportedly signed a multi-million dollar licensing deal to train AI models | Mashable (
How ElevenLabs is Preparing for Elections in 2024 (
february 16, 2024
Apple is reportedly working on AI updates to Spotlight and Xcode (
Tech companies sign pact to combat AI-generated election deepfakes (
Judge Dismisses Nearly All Of Sarah Silverman And Other Authors’ Lawsuits Against OpenAI (
february 15, 2024
V-JEPA: The next step toward advanced machine intelligence (
OpenAI Shows Off Their New Text-To-Video Model That Does 60-Second Videos (
Introducing Gemini 1.5, Google’s next-generation AI model (google)
february 14, 2024
X to feature Grok generated Summaries of Trending topics (xDaily on X)
Largest text-to-speech AI model yet shows ’emergent abilities’ (
Mozilla downsizes as it refocuses on Firefox and AI: Read the memo (
Staying ahead of threat actors in the age of AI (
Disrupting malicious uses of AI by state-affiliated threat actors (
february 13, 2024
Andrej Karpathy, a founding member of OpenAI, has departed the ChatGPT creator (The Information on X)
Chat with RTX Now Free to Download (
Introducing Stable Cascade From Stability AI (
Eleven Labs Now Allows You To Earn Money If You Share Your Voice (
The way AI will be sold to a skeptical public is becoming clear (
OpenAI CEO warns that ‘societal misalignments’ could make artificial intelligence dangerous (
Google Uses AI To Detect Fake Online Reviews Faster (
Memory and new controls for ChatGPT (
february 12, 2024
Nearly Half (45%) of All Men Plan to Use AI to Compose Valentine’s Day Missives (
3 big AI trends to watch in 2024 (
NVIDIA CEO: Every Country Needs Sovereign AI (
US Patent Office: AI is all well and good, but only humans can patent things (
february 9, 2024
Disney Tests AI Tool Matching Commercials to Appropriate Content (
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman reportedly seeks trillions of dollars for AI chip project (
These Frame smart glasses promise ‘AI superpowers’ for $349 (
Perplexity partners with Vercel, opening AI search to developer apps (
Microsoft hints at the future of AI in Windows with a smarter Copilot (
February 8, 2024
You Can Now Generate Images on The MidJourney Website (If You’ve Made 1,000+ Images Already) (MidJourney on X)
These AI glasses are being backed by the Pokemon Go CEO (
OpenAI reportedly working on next big product: A ChatGPT that can use devices (
The FCC bans robocalls with AI-generated voices (
OpenAI forms a new team to study child safety (
Google Gemini update: Sundar Pichai introduces Ultra 1.0 in Gemini Advanced (google)
February 7, 2024
Delivering Copilot for everyone (
Microsoft brings AI image editing to Copilot, unveils Deucalion (
How to keep your art out of AI generators (
Ray-Ban Meta glasses get camera, audio fixes in v2 update (
Microsoft’s next big AI push is here after a year of Bing  (
Meet ‘Smaug-72B’: The new king of open-source AI (
february 6, 2024
Letter from the YouTube CEO: 4 Big bets for 2024 (Spoiler: AI is high on the list) (youtube)
IKEA launches new AI-powered assistant in OpenAI GPT Store (
OpenAI is adding new watermarks to DALL-E 3 (
Labeling AI-Generated Images on Facebook, Instagram and Threads (
Roblox introduces AI powered chat translator supporting 16 languages (
Stability AI launches SVD 1.1, a diffusion model for more consistent AI videos (
February 5, 2024
New Version of Google Gemini Supposedly Launching Feb. 8th (Dylan Roussel on X)
Microsoft Forms AI Partnership With News Startup Semafor (
Google may soon rebrand its AI chatbot Bard as Gemini (
AI Churning Out Highly Convincing Fake IDs (Joseph Cox on X)
AI helps scholars read scroll buried when Vesuvius erupted in AD79 (
Deepfake scammer walks off with $25 million in first-of-its-kind AI heist (
UK gov’t touts $100M+ plan to fire up ‘responsible’ AI R&D (
February 2, 2024
Hugging Face launches open source AI assistant maker to rival OpenAI’s custom GPTs (
Adobe’s Firefly AI Launches in Apple Vision Pro with Exclusive Features (
Amazon debuts ‘Rufus,’ an AI shopping assistant in its mobile app (
Create images with Adobe Firefly AI for Apple Vision Pro (
February 1, 2024
Tim Cook confirms Apple’s generative AI features are coming ‘later this year’ (
Bard generates photos now, finally (
Google Maps is getting ‘supercharged’ with generative AI (
The Arc browser is getting AI-powered Live Folders and Instant Links (
Google releases GenAI tools for music creation (
Apple announces more than 600 new apps built for Apple Vision Pro (
january 31, 2024
Microsoft, OpenAI in Talks to Fund Figure AI’s Humanoid Robots (
FCC moves to outlaw AI-generated robocalls (
How Guns N’ Roses Used AI to Create Wild New Music Video ‘The General’ (
Mistral CEO confirms ‘leak’ of new open source AI model nearing GPT-4 performance (
The Pixel 8 is getting Google’s new AI search feature today (
Shopify’s ‘Magic’ AI image editor can make any product pics look professional
January 30, 2024
Robot trained to read braille at twice the speed of humans (
V6 of Niji-Journey is now live in MidJourney (MidJourney on X)
The promise and challenges of crypto + AI applications (
China’s most valuable company pivoting to AI as gaming profits falter (
ChatGPT users can now invoke GPTs directly in chats (
Yelp will use AI to tell you if that burger’s any good (
The New York Times is building a team to explore AI in the newsroom (
january 29, 2024
Meta Releases “More Performant” Code Llama 70B (Meta on Twitter)
Arc Search: a new iPhone app combining browser, search, and AI (
january 27, 2024
Brave Leo, the AI browser assistant, now features Mixtral for improved performance (
Samsung’s Galaxy S24 skips Google Gemini for Baidu’s AI ‘Ernie’ in China (
January 25, 2024
Apple Podcasts offers transcripts for all shows in iOS 17.4 (
AI and crypto mining are driving up data centers’ energy use (
New embedding models and API updates (
Hugging Face and Google partner for open AI collaboration (
January 24, 2024
Art Selfie is back, this time with generative AI (google)
january 23, 2024
OpenAI plans to set up chip factories worth $100 billion: Report (
Fake Biden New Hampshire robocall most likely AI-generated (
Introducing Dubbing Studio (
3 new generative AI features coming to Google Chrome (google)
Gemini-powered chat comes to Google Ads (google)
january 22, 2024
ElevenLabs Releases New Voice AI Products and Raises $80M Series B (
january 19, 2024
AI-poisoning tool Nightshade now available for artists to use (
January 18, 2024
Mark Zuckerberg Confirms Meta is Currently Training Llama 3 (Zuck on Instagram)
Rabbit’s R1 AI gadget will use Perplexity for up-to-date search results (
Runway Introduces Multi Motion Brush To Animate Different Areas of Videos (Runway on X)
OpenAI announces first partnership with a university (
Meta’s new goal is to build artificial general intelligence (
Unlocking productivity and personalizing learning with AI (
january 17, 2024
MidJourney Office Hours Call Recap For January 17th, 2024 (Alie Jules on X)
Google DeepMind’s new AI system can solve complex geometry problems (
AI can now copy your handwriting — should we be concerned? (
Samsung’s Galaxy S24 and AI event: all the news (
Sam Altman says ChatGPT will evolve in “uncomfortable” ways (
Amazon launches generative AI tool to answer shoppers’ questions (
Vay launches teledriving car service in Las Vegas (
Amazon’s latest Fire TVs can now use AI to generate custom art backgrounds (
The power of Google AI comes to the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series (google)
january 16, 2024
A Flaw in Millions of Apple, AMD, and Qualcomm GPUs Could Expose AI Data (
Adobe’s latest Premiere Pro update automatically cleans up trashy audio (
Democratic inputs to AI grant program: lessons learned and implementation plans (
New study by Anthropic shows AI models can learn to deceive humans (
january 15, 2024
Tesla Optimus Bot Can Fold Shirts (But Not Fully Autonomously Yet) (Elon Musk on X)
How OpenAI is approaching 2024 worldwide elections (
Microsoft’s new Copilot Pro brings AI-powered Office features to consumers (
january 13, 2024
At CES, everything was AI, even when it wasn’t (
january 12, 2024
OpenAI changes policy to allow military applications (
Instagram’s co-founders are shutting down their Artifact news app (
NVIDIA CEO Discusses Future of AI-Accelerated Healthcare (
January 11, 2024
New Samsung AI Fridge Tells You What’s Inside and What You Can Make With It (
Microsoft briefly overtakes Apple to become the world’s most valuable company again (
january 10, 2024
Biggest Trends of CES 2024: AI, Transparent Screens and Off-Grid Tech to Power Your Home – CNET (
Valve opens the door to more Steam games developed with AI (
Introducing the GPT Store (
Introducing ChatGPT Team (
january 9, 2024
SAG-AFTRA and Replica Studios Introduce Groundbreaking AI Voice Agreement at CES  (
Getty Images launches a new GenAI service for iStock customers (
The Rabbit R1 is an AI-powered gadget that can use your apps for you (
january 8, 2024
Samsung AI at CES 2024: From AI in TVs to vacuum cleaners, here’s what’s new (
CES 2024: Invoxia Launches AI Wearable That Monitors Your Pet’s Health (
CES 2024: This ‘MagicMirror’ Analyzes Facial Blood Flow to Monitor Vital Signs (
Sony teased a ‘spatial’ VR headset with a smart control ring (
LG keynote at CES 2024 in 10 minutes: Announcing the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV (Engadget on YouTube)
NVIDIA Special Address at CES 2024 (NVIDIA on YouTube)
Advancing AI PCs in 2024 with AMD (AMD on YouTube)
McAfee unveils AI tool to combat deepfake audio scams (
Volkswagen says it’s putting ChatGPT in its cars for ‘enriching conversations’ (
BMW turns inward for CES, announcing new gaming, streaming, AR, and AI features (
NVIDIA Reveals Gaming, Creating, Generative AI, Robotics Innovations at CES (
OpenAI and journalism (
Getty Images Releases Generative AI By iStock Powered by NVIDIA Picasso (
The Future of AI PCs Gets Even Better with AMD (
Apple Vision Pro available in the U.S. on February 2 (
january 5. 2024
Microsoft Picks Dee Templeton as OpenAI Board Observer (
january 4, 2024
New Version of Siri With Generative AI Again Rumored for WWDC (
CES 2024: ‘AI Is The Story Of The Show (
OpenAI’s news publisher deals reportedly top out at $5 million a year (
ChatGPT’s “GPT Store” To Launch Next Week (Shubham Saboo on X)
Hasbro Launches AI-Powered Version Of Trivial Pursuit Game (
Google appears to be working on an ‘advanced’ version of Bard that you have to pay for (
Shaping the future of advanced robotics (
Introducing a new Copilot key to kick off the year of AI-powered Windows PCs (
Futureverse, Ready Player One Launch ‘Readyverse Studios’ for Top IP in Metaverse (
january 3, 2024
Samsung Galaxy S24 Unpacked event promises AI phones (
Intel spins out a new enterprise-focused GenAI software company (
DeWave: Watch mind reading AI translate thoughts to text (
2023 Supreme Court Year-End Report (Including How AI Should Be Handled) (
The State of Mozilla: 2022 — 2023 Annual Report (
How crowded are the oceans? New maps show what flew under the radar until now (
january 2, 2024
Jellypipe Unveils AI Assistant for 3D Printing: Optimizing Material Selection and Pricing with GPT-4 (
Images altered to trick machine vision can influence humans too – Google DeepMind (
December 31, 2023
Scientists discover the first new antibiotics in over 60 years using AI (
december 29, 2023
Nikon, Sony and Canon fight AI fakes with new camera tech (
GitHub Copilot Chat now generally available for organizations and individuals (
december 28, 2023
Midjourney starts training video models in January, v6 updates coming soon (
The NY Times Lawsuit Against OpenAI Would Open Up The NY Times To All Sorts Of Lawsuits Should It Win (
Amazon Tech Guru: AI to Become “Culturally Aware”(
december 27, 2023
Samsung’s new AI-enabled smart fridge can design recipes for you (
The New York Times sues OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement (
december 26, 2023
Pika Labs’ text-to-video AI platform opens to all: Here’s how to use it (
Microsoft Copilot is now available as a ChatGPT-like app on Android (
december 25, 2023
Leonardo AI releases new feature to convert images into motion videos (
december 24, 2023
Apple shares ‘Ferret’ as open source machine learning model (
December 23, 2024
AI discovers new class of antibiotics to kill drug-resistant bacteria | New Scientist
AI Industry Analysis: 50 Most Visited AI Tools and Their 24B+ Traffic Behavior – WriterBuddy
New AI model can predict human lifespan, researchers say. They want to make sure it’s used for good
december 22, 2023
AI companies would be required to disclose copyrighted training data under new bill
Apple reportedly wants to use the news to help train its AI models
december 21, 2023
MidJourney Version 6 is Now Live Alie Jules on X
OpenAI announces new feature for ChatGPT, users get the option to archive their chats
Google has introduced Video POET breaking new ground in coherent video generation
december 20, 2023
Apple Optimizes LLMs for Edge Use Cases (
Airbnb using AI to help clampdown on New Year’s Eve parties globally (
Google makes a preemptive move for the 2024 election, will limit election-related queries with generative AI (
I’d Buy That for a Dollar: Chevy Dealership’s AI Chatbot Goes Rogue (
Rite Aid Banned from Using AI Facial Recognition After Retailer Deployed Technology without Reasonable Safeguards (
UK Supreme Court rules AI is not an inventor (
december 19, 2023
The road ahead reaches a turning point in 2024 (
Anthropic \ Expanded legal protections and improvements to our API (
Democratizing access to AI-enabled coding with Colab (google)
OpenAI buffs safety team and gives board veto power on risky AI | TechCrunch (
Jailed Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan campaigns with AI voice clone – The Verge (
Turn your ideas into songs with Suno on Microsoft Copilot (
December 18, 2023
OpenAI Releases A Guide To Prompt Engineering (
Degrees Are Becoming Less Important As AI Spreads, a LinkedIn VP Says (
december 15, 2023
Grimes has a new line of AI plush toys, including one named Grok (
december 14, 2023
Instagram introduces GenAI powered background editing tool (
Axel Springer and OpenAI partner to deepen beneficial use of AI in journalism (
Introducing the Stability AI Membership (
H&R Block launches AI tax filing assistant (
Superalignment Fast Grants (
december 13, 2023
Sam Altman on OpenAI and Artificial General Intelligence (
Google’s new AI tool ‘MusicFX’ composes music with just a few words (
Google debuts Imagen 2 with text and logo generation (
Google: Gemini API, Imagen 2, Duet AI and more updates (google)
Google Gemini API: New developer and enterprise AI products (google)
Navigating the AI Revolution: 7 Essential Insights for Marketers in 2024 [Expert Opinions] (
ChatGPT Plus Subscriptions Have Been Turned Back On (Sam Altman on X)
Introducing Stable Zero123: Quality 3D Object Generation from Single Images (
december 12, 2023
You Can Now Generate Images Directly on MidJourney’s Website (If You’ve Generated Over 10k Images Already) (Nick St. Pierre on X)
Anthropic Releases Claude For Google Sheets (
Tesla Shows Off New Optimus Robot (Tesla Optimus on X)
Snapchat now lets subscribers share AI-generated snaps (
Meta’s Ray-Ban Glasses Added AI That Can See What You’re Seeing (
Phi-2: The surprising power of small language models (
The US government plans to go all-in on using AI. But it lacks a plan, says a government watchdog (
december 11, 2023
YouTuber Recreates “Faked” Gemini Demo Using GPT-4 Vision (
Is ChatGPT Getting Lazy Because It’s Winter? (Ethan Mollick on X)
The Secret Behind AI Drive-Thrus? It’s Humans Doing the Work .(
Microsoft’s OpenAI investment might merit a closer look (
You Can Now Try Audiobox, Meta’s New Foundation Audio Model (
AFL-CIO and Microsoft announce new tech-labor partnership on AI and the future of the workforce (
Grok Responds As OpenAI When Pushed About Policy (
december 8, 2023
Europe reaches deal on world’s first comprehensive AI rules (
An ‘AI’ fast food drive-thru is mostly just human workers in the Philippines (
NotebookLM launches in the U.S. with new features (google)
december 7, 2023
Google’s best Gemini demo was faked (
Elon Musk’s xAI Launches Grok Chatbot to X Premium+ Subscribers (
Sydney-based generative AI art platform Leonardo.Ai raises $31M (
CEO of the Year 2023: Sam Altman (
Introducing StableLM Zephyr 3B: A New Addition to StableLM, Bringing Powerful LLM Assistants to Edge Devices (
AMD releases new chips to power faster AI training (
McDonald’s and Google Cloud Announce Strategic Partnership (
Introducing Purple Llama for Safe and Responsible AI Development (
december 6, 2023
Meta launches a standalone AI-powered image generator (
Sydney-based generative AI art platform Leonardo.Ai raises $31M (
Elon Musk’s AI Startup Files With SEC To Raise Up To $1 Billion In Equity Offering (
Apple joins AI fray with release of model framework (
What’s New Across Our AI Experiences (
Google Bard: How to try the new Gemini AI model (google)
Introducing Gemini: Google’s most capable AI model yet (google)
december 5, 2023
Alibaba’s ‘Animate Anyone’ Is Trained on Scraped Videos of Famous TikTokers (
AI-generated Jimmy Stewart will narrate a new It’s a Wonderful Life story (
Introducing Deep Search From Bing (
Celebrating the first year of Copilot with significant new innovations (
Playground v2: A new leap in creativity (
december 4, 2023
Introducing the AI Alliance (
Gmail’s spam detection has received its ‘largest defense upgrades (
Runway partners with Getty Images to build enterprise ready AI tools (
OpenAI COO thinks AI for business is overhyped (
Getty lawsuit against Stability AI to go to trial in the UK (
december 3, 2023
OpenAI Agreed to Buy $51 Million of AI Chips From a Startup Backed by CEO Sam Altman (
december 1, 2023
Leonardo Launches New “Live Canvas” Feature (
More camera moves. More control. Now in Gen-2. (
OpenAI’s GPT store delayed to 2024 (
november 30, 2023
Ideogram Launches New Image Prompting Feature For Plus Subscribers (
Chinese Court’s Landmark Ruling: AI Images Can be Copyrighted (
ChatGPT turns 1: Here are all the fun ways you can use OpenAI’s popular chatbot (
Introducing a suite of AI language translation models that preserve expression and improve streaming (
Audiobox: Generating audio from voice and natural language prompts (
november 29, 2023
KREA AI Rolls Out New “Upscale and Enhance” Feature (
An AI Dreamed Up 380,000 New Materials. The Next Challenge Is Making Them (
Stability AI explores a sale as investors pressure CEO to resign (
AI Video Startup HeyGen Launches Near-Instant Avatar Generator, Adds $5.6 Million In Funding (
Microsoft joins OpenAI’s board with Sam Altman officially back as CEO (
Amazon joins AI image creation fray with new model (
Sam Altman returns as CEO, OpenAI has a new initial board (
November 28, 2023
Introducing SDXL Turbo: A Real-Time Text-to-Image Generation Model (
Microsoft Paint’s DALL-E 3 integration is rolling out on Windows 11 (
AWS-Announces-Amazon-Q-to-Reimagine-the-Future-of-Work (
US, Britain, other countries ink agreement to make AI ‘secure by design (
Amazon is using AI to make holiday shopping even more convenient (
Pika, which is building AI tools to generate and edit videos, raises $55M (
ElevenLabs is Now Offering Grants to Startups (
NVIDIA BioNeMo Enables Generative AI for Drug Discovery on AWS (
NVIDIA GPUs on AWS to Offer 2x Simulation Leap in Omniverse Isaac Sim, Accelerating Smarter Robots (
Pika Labs Announces Pika 1.0 (It Looks Amazing) (
november 27, 2023
Intuit Adds Generative AI-Powered Tax Prep to TurboTax (
AWS’ transcription platform is now powered by generative AI – The Verge (
GPT-4’s potential in shaping the future of radiology – Microsoft Research (
november 25, 2023
Pentagon’s AI initiatives accelerate decisions on lethal autonomous weapons (
november 23, 2023
OpenAI letter may have led to Sam Altman’s departure (
november 22, 2023
Speech to Speech & Product Update (
Google Meet can now detect when you raise your hand IRL (
Elon Musk says xAI’s chatbot ‘Grok’ will launch to X Premium+ subscribers next week (
Google’s Bard YouTube extension just got a lot smarter (
Amid OpenAI Chaos, Rival Inflection AI Releases Model On GPT-4’s Heels (
Large-scale pancreatic cancer detection via non-contrast CT and deep learning (
November 21, 2023
Sarah Silverman Hits Stumbling Block in AI Lawsuit Against Meta (
Sam Altman returns as CEO OpenAI (
OpenAI drops a big new ChatGPT feature with a joke about its CEO drama (
Researchers develop AI-powered model to predict stock market trends (
OpenAI’s board may be coming around to Sam Altman returning (
Mustafa Suleyman Tells OpenAI Staff ‘Come Run With Us’ (
Microsoft releases Orca 2, a pair of small language models that outperform larger counterparts (
Introducing Stable Video Diffusion (
Microsoft exec says OpenAI employees can join with same compensation (
Screenshots show xAI’s chatbot Grok on X’s web app (
Introducing more control, fidelity and expressibility. (
Anthropic \ Introducing Claude 2.1 (
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says OpenAI governance needs to change (
november 19, 2023
Microsoft AI Image Generator Blocks ‘Disney’ After Viral Movie Poster Trend (
Microsoft hires ex-OpenAI leaders Altman and Brockman to lead new AI group (
OpenAI Employees, Including Ilya Sutskever, sign petition to oust board (
Sam Altman is still trying to return as OpenAI CEO (
OpenAI’s new CEO is Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear (
Sam Altman will not be returning to OpenAI (
november 18, 2023
Meta disbanded its Responsible AI team – The Verge (
OpenAI board in discussions with Sam Altman to return as CEO (
OpenAI Researchers Resign Following Sam Altman’s Dismissal: Report (
November 17, 2023
Greg Brockman, President of OpenAI, follows Sam Altman and quits OpenAI (
OpenAI announces leadership transition (Sam Altman was Fired) (
Google Delays Release of Gemini AI That Aims to Compete With OpenAI (
Amazon lays off hundreds from Alexa unit amid generative AI refocus (
Discord is shutting down its AI chatbot Clyde (
AI to See “Major Second Wave,” NVIDIA CEO Says in Fireside Chat With iliad Group Exec (
November 16, 2023
Microsoft unveils first AI chip, Maia 100, and Cobalt CPU (
Google will responsibly expand Bard access to teenagers around the world (google)
Adobe is using AI to break apart messy audio (
Emu Video and Emu Edit: Our latest generative AI research milestones (
An early look at our AI Music experiment (youtube)
Transforming the future of music creation (
November 15, 2023
Popular AI video tool, Deforum, launches Discord bot to make generating videos even easier (
Tap into the latest features from YouTube Premium (YouTube)
Microsoft launches a deepfakes creator (
Microsoft’s Copilot AI gets more personalized in its first update since launch (
Bing Chat is now Microsoft Copilot, to better compete with ChatGPT (
OpenAI puts pause on new ChatGPT Plus signups due to overwhelming demand (
November 14, 2023
OpenAI is building next-generation AI GPT-5 — and CEO claims it could be superintelligent  ( launches new APIs to connect LLMs to the web (
How does Bumble plan to use AI (
Andreessen Horowitz backs Civitai, a generative AI content marketplace with millions of users (
YouTube is going to start cracking down on AI clones of musicians (
NVIDIA Supercharges Hopper, the World’s Leading AI Computing Platform (
Google fights scammers using Bard hype to spread malware (
GraphCast: AI model for faster and more accurate global weather forecasting (
November 13, 2023
OpenAI’s six-member board will decide ‘when we’ve attained AGI’ (
november 10, 2023
Sam Altman Roasts Elon Musk’s Grok AI: ‘Cringey Boomer Humor’ (
november 9, 2023
Polycam releases “floater-free” gaussian splatting (
OpenAI Data Partnerships (
Amazon Is Working on a New AI Model: Report (
Samsung made its own generative AI model (
ChatGPT Blames Outages on DDoS Hackers, GPT Rollout Stalled (
Humane officially launches the AI Pin, its OpenAI-powered wearable (
ElevenLabs Turbo v2 is Here! (
november 8, 2023
SAG-AFTRA and Hollywood studios reach a deal that could end the strike (
YouTube generative AI will soon let you have a conversation about video you’ve just watched (
Hugging Face has a two-person team developing ChatGPT-like AI models (
Generative AI in Search expands to more than 120 new countries and territories (google)
FTC takes shots at AI in rare filing to US Copyright Office (
ChatGPT is back online after a 90-minute ‘major’ OpenAI outage (
Meta partners with Hugging Face & Scaleway to Support Open Source (
Introducing AI-powered application security testing with GitHub Advanced Security (
november 7, 2023
Figma’s new FigJam AI can spare designers from boring planning prep (
SAG strike negotiations have once again dissolved over the use of AI (
Former Myspace founders introduce a text-to-video generator that uses your selfie to personalize content (
Get creative with generative AI in Performance Max (google)
november 6, 2023
China-U.S. AI Arms Race Heats Up as Chinese Startup Unveils Powerful New AI (
Tesla to integrate Elon Musk’s new AI assistant in its vehicles | Electrek (
YouTube to test generative AI features, including a comments summarizer and conversational tool  (
Xbox and Inworld AI partner to empower game creators with the potential of Generative AI (
Introducing GPTs (
New models and developer products announced at DevDay (
NOVEMBER 4, 2023
Musk says X subscribers will get early access to xAI’s chatbot, Grok  (
NOVEMBER 3, 2023
Elon Musk says xAI to start offering ‘best’ AI to select users (
november 2, 2023
Runway ML Makes Huge Updates To The Quality of It’s Gen-2 Generations (
Kaiber Releases a New Mobile App on iOS and Android (
Luma Releases a Beta Preview of Their New Text-To-3D Model In Discord (
AI named word of the year by Collins Dictionary (
Phind Model beats GPT-4 at coding, with GPT-3.5-like speed and 16k context (
Doritos devises AI-powered ‘crunch-cancellation’ tech for gamers (
Brave rivals Bing and ChatGPT with new privacy-focused AI chatbot (
Google AI Chief Says There’s a 50% Chance We’ll Hit AGI in Just 5 Years (
MidJourney Releases New Functionality Called “Style Tuner” (
november 1, 2023
Scarlett Johansson hits AI app with legal action for cloning her voice in an ad (
Exclusive: Stability AI brings advanced 3D and image fine-tuning to Stable Diffusion (
New Text-to-3D Generative AI Solution From a Chinese Developer (
The Beatles – Now And Then – The Last Beatles Song (Short Film) (
Politicians commit to collaborate to tackle AI safety, US launches safety institute (
Google launches generative AI tools for product imagery to US advertisers and merchants (
Instagram spotted developing a customizable ‘AI friend’ (
Turing’s Mill: AI Supercomputer Revs UK’s Economic Engine (
Stability AI Previews Enhanced Image Offerings: APIs for Business & New Product Features (
Yan LeCun Warns: Open AI or Risk Corporate Monopoly on Knowledge (
october 31, 2023
Quora’s Poe introduces an AI chatbot creator economy (
Say what: AI can diagnose type 2 diabetes in 10 seconds from your voice (
A glimpse of the next generation of AlphaFold – Google DeepMind (
ElevenLabs Enterprise (
october 30, 2023
Judge pares down artists’ AI copyright lawsuit against Midjourney, Stability AI (
Apple Event – October 30 – New M3 Chips, New MacBooks, and New iMacs (
Meta’s AI research head wants open source licensing to change (
President Biden Issues Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (
october 29, 2023
OpenAI’s ChatGPT can look at uploaded files in the latest beta updates (
october 27, 2023
Introducing Video-To-Text and Pegasus-1 (80B) (
Grammarly’s new generative AI feature learns your style — and applies it to any text (
Humane’s Ai Pin could cost $1,000 — and require a subscription (
Google Bard can now ‘respond in real time’ instead of waiting (
Google Commits $2 Billion in Funding to AI Startup Anthropic (
ChatGPT Maker Inks San Francisco’s Largest Lease Since 2018 (
Stability AI Participating in the UK Government’s AI Safety Summit (
Progress with our AI commitments: an update ahead of the UK AI Safety Summit (
october 26, 2023
Waymo driverless vehicles are now available through Uber, starting first in Phoenix (
Forbes Launches New Generative AI Search Tool, Adelaide, Powered By Google Cloud (
Robots That Can Chat (
After 40 years, the Beatles’ final song is finally debuting (
Rishi Sunak lays out vision for new global AI safety bodies (
Google Maps is becoming more like Search — thanks to AI (
Shutterstock Integrates Creative AI into Library to Offer Marketplace of Fully Customizable Stock (
Scaling up learning across many different robot types (
How Google is expanding its commitment to secure AI (google)
Frontier risk and preparedness (
october 25, 2023
This new data poisoning tool lets artists fight back against generative AI (
Bill Gates feels Generative AI has plateaued, says GPT-5 will not be any better (
Google announces tools to help users fact check images (
Google, Microsoft, Anthropic and Open AI name first Executive Director of Frontier Model Forum (google)
Frontier Model Forum updates (
NVIDIA Research Announces AI Advancements at NeurIPS (
Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event introduces new AI capabilities (
october 24, 2023
YouTube Music now lets you make your own playlist art with AI
Lenovo details hybrid enterprise AI strategy, AI for PCs
D-ID’s newest app uses AI to make videos from photographs
Workers training AI demand protections from Congress
How we’re using AI to help transform healthcare google
october 23, 2023
Meta chief AI scientist says AI won’t threaten humans
Microsoft CEO’s Annual Letter To Shareholders Focused Heavily on AI
Deep Learning Paves the Way to Safer Buildings
Researchers unveil ‘3D-GPT’, an AI that can generate 3D worlds from simple text commands
october 20, 2023
YouTube is developing an AI tool that mimics famous musicians – (
Apple GPT: What We Know About Apple’s Work on Generative AI – MacRumors (
Embodied AI: Toward effective collaboration between humans and socially intelligent robots (
Eureka! NVIDIA Research Breakthrough Puts New Spin on Robot Learning | NVIDIA Blog (
Microsoft Security Copilot Early Access Program is now available | Microsoft Security Blog (
october 19, 2023
OpenAI Scrapped AI Model Named After Dystopian Hellscape in ‘Dune’: Report (
Universal Music sues AI company Anthropic for distributing song lyrics –  (
DALL·E 3 is now available in ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise (
october 18, 2023
Universal Music Group And Bandlab Technologies Announce Strategic AI Collaboration (
Midjourney’s first mobile app is here…sort of (
Tech Leaders Say AI Will Change What It Means to Have a Job (
Towards a Real-Time Decoding of Images from Brain Activity (
october 17, 2023
Descript’s big AI feature release: New AI voices and much more (
NYC Mayor Eric Adams uses AI to make robocalls in languages he doesn’t speak (
Dubai Police to deploy driverless patrol cars with AI smarts (
GPT-4 is Getting Faster (
Baidu’s CEO says its ERNIE AI ‘is not inferior in any aspect to GPT-4’ (
october 16, 2023
Pi From Inflection AI Can Now Search The Web (
Claude from Anthropic is Now Available in 95 Countries (
New York City Unveils New AI Plan to Improve Services (
Stack Overflow lays off over 100 people as the AI coding boom continues (
AI Could Cause a Financial Crash Within a Decade, SEC Head Says (
Elevating Video Content: ElevenLabs Partners with Pictory AI (
OCTOBER 13, 2023
OpenAI quietly changed its ‘core values’ | Semafor (
NVIDIA & Masterpiece Studio Launch New Text-to-3D AI Playground (
october 12, 2023
New Feature Announcement: Character Group Chat (
Scientists develop AI tool that predicts virus mutations (
A New Tool Helps Artists Thwart AI—With a Middle Finger (
Google to defend generative AI users from copyright claims (
SAG-AFTRA Endorses No Fakes Act Presented to the U.S. Senate (
Exclusive: OpenAI plans major updates to lure developers with lower costs, sources say (
MAX Sneaks highlight several new generative AI capabilities across photo, video, audio, 3D and design (
How to use generative AI to create images and write first drafts (google)
october 11, 2023
Generative AI will get a ‘cold shower’ in 2024, analysts predict (
AMD to Acquire Open-Source AI Software Expert :: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (
Firefox Testing a New Feature to Weed Out Fake Customer Reviews (
Replit – Replit’s new AI Model now available on Hugging Face (
october 10, 2023
The future is Firefly: Unlock new levels of creativity with the latest generative AI innovations (
Use Firefly’s Generative Match to generate images in your style (
Adobe created a symbol to encourage tagging AI-generated content -(
TikTok now supports direct posting from AI-powered Adobe apps, CapCut, Twitch and more  (
Adobe Firefly’s generative AI models can now create vector graphics in Illustrator (
AI Gets More Hype Than Deserved, Warren Buffett Business Partner Says (
How Google AI helps combat wildfires, floods, and extreme heat (google)
ElevenLabs Launches Voice Translation Tool to Break Down Language Barriers for Content (
October 9, 2023
Google announces new generative AI search capabilities for doctors (
Disney’s Loki remains silent over reported use of generative AI (
Google Chrome’s organize tabs will automatically reorder tabs (
october 6, 2023
OpenAI said to be considering developing its own AI chips  (
We Weren’t Prepared for How Big ChatGPT Would Be, Says OpenAI CTO (
Stable Signature: A new method for watermarking images created by open source generative AI (
october 5, 2023
Exclusive: ChatGPT-owner OpenAI is exploring making its own AI chips  (
October 4, 2023
Microsoft to add DALL-E 3 to Bing Chat (
Google Pours AI Powers Into Its New Pixel Phone and Home Assistant – Decrypt (
Meta’s AI Stickers Are Already Causing Trouble (
Generative AI features for ads coming to all advertisers | Meta for Business (
SoftBank CEO: AI Will Surpass Human Intelligence by 2030 (
Google Assistant with Bard: New generative AI features (google)
october 3, 2023
Arc Max is the popular browser’s new suite of AI tools – (
Researchers Tested AI Watermarks—and Broke All of Them (
Scaling up learning across many different robot types (
October 2, 2023
Introducing The Rewind Pendan (
Visa Launches $100 million Generative AI Ventures Initiative (
Introducing Stable LM 3B: Bringing Sustainable, High-Performance Language Models to Smart Devices (
Chromebook Plus: more performance and AI capabilities (google)
September 30, 2023
The Humane Ai Pin makes its debut on the runway at Paris Fashion Week (
september 29, 2023
Tim Cook confirms Apple is researching ChatGPT-style AI (
September 28, 2023
You Can Now Do Gaussian Splatting Using Polycam (
Google adds a switch for publishers to opt out of becoming AI training data  (
AWS announces general availability of Amazon Bedrock and more new generative AI innovations (
Zapier launches Canvas, an AI-powered flowchart tool | (
Google is opening up its generative AI search experience to teenagers | (
Mayo Clinic to deploy and test Microsoft generative AI tools – (
september 27, 2023
Leonardo AI Releases Elements, A Custom Implementation of LORAs (Leonardo AI)
Introducing the New Ray-Ban | Meta Smart Glasses (
Introducing Social Profiles for Meta’s AIs (
Introducing New AI Experiences Across Our Family of Apps and Devices | Meta (
The Writers Guild of America’s strike is over – (
Cloudflare launches new AI tools to help customers deploy and run models (
Mark Zuckerberg to Talk AI Chatbots, Quest 3 at Meta Connect (
78% of Companies Say AI Created More Jobs (
Microsoft and Mercy collaborate to empower clinicians to transform patient care with generative AI – Stories (
Healthcare AI Startup Analyzes Cancer Cells in the Operating Room | NVIDIA Blog ( announces $10 million in grants for robotics and AI education (google)
september 26, 2023
Google Search caught indexing users’ conversations with Bard AI (
WGA Strike: Hollywood Studios Can Train AI Models on Writers’ Work Under Tentative Deal (
How to get the latest Windows 11 innovations (
macOS Sonoma is available today (
The most personal Windows 11 experience begins rolling out today (
John Carmack and Rich Sutton partner to accelerate development of Artificial General Intelligence (
Getty made an AI generator that only trained on its licensed images (
A timeline of Google’s biggest AI and ML moments (google)
september 25, 2023
Spotify is going to clone podcasters’ voices — and translate them to other languages (
Anthropic \ Expanding access to safer AI with Amazon (
ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak (
Tesla’s Optimus robot can now sort objects autonomously (
Meta could announce AI chatbots for young people on Instagram and Facebook soon  (
september 23, 2023
The Google Pixel 8’s latest leak shows off big AI camera updates (
september 22, 2023
AI is policing package theft for UPS as ‘porch piracy’ surge continues(
september 21, 2023
Amazon leader says new Gen AI Alexa is a ‘super agent’(
YouTube to add AI creator tools to find music for videos, add dubs(
Made On YouTube: Empowering anyone to Create on YouTube(youtube)
Announcing Microsoft Copilot, your everyday AI companion(
New Surface devices bring more value to business(
september 20, 2023
George R.R. Martin and other authors sue OpenAI for copyright infringement (
Amazon is bringing generative AI to Fire TV along with new devices (
After relaunching as a studio for creators, LimeWire acquires BlueWillow, a Midjourney competitor (
Amazon brings generative AI to Alexa (
Speechly is joining Roblox | Speechly(
OpenAI Announces DALL·E 3 in Research Preview(
GitHub Copilot Chat beta now available for all individuals – The GitHub Blog(
September 19, 2023
OpenAI Red Teaming Network(
Introducing Projects: Create High-Quality Audiobooks in Minutes(
Google Bard September update: App extensions and new features(google)
OpenAI races to launch multimodal LLM GPT-Vision, aiming to beat Google Gemini’s debut(
DeepMind is using AI to pinpoint the causes of genetic disease | MIT Technology Review(
How to watch and follow Thursday’s Microsoft Surface event(
TikTok now lets creators label AI-generated content(
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is building an expensive new AI GPU cluster for medical research – The Verge(
september 18, 2023
Digital Health Builders Commercializing AI in Healthcare: The Jobs to be Done (
What’s next for Windows and Surface without Panos Panay? – The Verge (
Microsoft AI researchers accidentally exposed terabytes of internal sensitive data (
Paint app update adding support for layers and transparency begins rolling out to Windows Insiders (
September 16, 2023
DeepMind discovers that AI large language models can optimize their own prompts (
september 15, 2023
The Economic Case for Generative AI and Foundation Models (
AI-driven tool makes it easy to personalize 3D-printable models (
Meta Preps ‘AI Holiday Season’ With AI Bid Multipliers, Budget Scheduling (
Google nears release of AI software Gemini, The Information reports (
Google Gemini: What We Know So Far (
September 14, 2023
Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Tom Hanks Take Metaphysic AI Route (
Amazon launches generative AI to help sellers write product copy (
AI detects eye disease and risk of Parkinson’s from retinal images (
September 13, 2023
Adobe starts paying bonuses to Stock contributors whose content is being used to train Firefly (
All new, AI-powered Creative Cloud release and Pricing update (
Adobe unveils powerful new AI and 3D features in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects (
The iPhone 15 Opts for Intuitive AI, Not Generative AI (
Introducing Würtschen: Fast Diffusion for Image Generation(
Mark Zuckerberg’s Remarks at AI Forum (
Announcing Stable Audio, a product for music & sound generation (
september 12, 2023 Surpasses ChatGPT in Mobile App Usage in the US (
These Prisoners Are Training AI (
YouTube’s AI-powered solutions enhance ad creativity (google)
Salesforce embeds conversational AI across the platform with Einstein Copilot (
Another group of writers is suing OpenAI over copyright claims (
Coke’s latest mystery flavor is here. It’s created by AI (
september 11, 2023
Meta Is Developing a New, More Powerful AI System as Technology Race Escalates (
Authors must disclose use of AI on Amazon Kindle (
Artificial intelligence technology behind ChatGPT was built with a lot of water (
Launching the Digital Futures Project to support responsible AI (google)
The FTC is setting its sights on generative AI (
September 8, 2023
‘Magical’ Listing Tool Harnesses the Power of AI to Make Selling on eBay Faster, Easier, and More Accurate (
ChatGPT Losing Hype, Traffic Down Three Months in a Row (
NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM Supercharges Large Language Model Inference on NVIDIA H100 GPUs (
AI Drake song ‘not eligible’ for a Grammy, Academy CEO says – The Verge (
Musk Tried to Convince Sam Altman to Fold OpenAI Into Tesla: Biographer (
China suspected of using AI on social media to sway US voters, Microsoft says | Reuters (
Efficient Controllable Generation for SDXL with T2I-Adapters (
september 7, 2023
Microsoft is testing a background removal tool in Paint (
The 100 Most Influential People in AI 2023 (
Anthropic \ Introducing Claude Pro (
september 6, 2023
The AI Drake ‘Ghostwriter’ is back with a new song and is chasing a Grammy  (
HubSpot announces new AI sales and marketing tools for SMBs (
OpenAI will host its first developer conference on November 6 (
Alibaba-backed autonomous driving darling Deeproute sets sight on Europe carmakers (
Thanks to AI, hearing aids offer translation, other high-tech features (
Adobe releases a new AI powered version of Image to Material (
Pentagon Plans Vast AI Fleet to Counter China Threat  (
Inside Elon Musk’s Struggle for the Future of AI (
A New Tool for AI-Generated Character Animation Enters Open Beta (
Spread Your Wings: Falcon 180B is here (
september 5, 2023
Criminal enterprise flaunts AI in creepy ‘fraud-for-hire’ commercial meant for dark web  (
Amazon One palm scanning is trained by generative AI (
Why Meta’s Yann LeCun isn’t buying the AI doomer narrative (
Zoom rebrands existing — and intros new — generative AI features (
OpenAI Introduces Canva Plugin to ChatGPT Plus Subscribers to Enhance Content Creation (
September 4, 2023
Microsoft files new AI-powered smart backpack patent. It can hear you and see what you see – (
Intel Is Betting Artificial Intelligence Will Escape the Cloud  (
September 1, 2023
US curbs AI chip exports from Nvidia and AMD to some Middle East countries (
Microsoft files patent for AI backpack  (
X/Twitter has updated its Terms of Service to let it use Posts for AI training (
Announcing Japanese InstructBLIP Alpha (
august 31, 2023
Call of Duty will use AI to moderate voice chats – (
Samsung launched its AI-powered recipe app called Food – Tech (
Teaching with AI (
Baidu launches Ernie chatbot after Chinese government approval (
Announcing the commercial relicensing and expansion of DINOv2, plus the introduction of FACET (
Niantic rolls out GenAI tools for 8th Wall developers (
Generative AI in Google Search expands to India and Japan (google)
august 30, 2023
OpenAI disputes authors’ claims that every ChatGPT response is a derivative work (
Introducing new audio transcription tools for Substack (
High-speed AI Drone Overtakes World-Champion Drone Racers (
OpenAI shatters revenue expectations, predicted to generate over $1 billion (
august 29, 2023
Ideogram AI is Now Available For Everyone (
Yahoo Mail isn’t dead and adds AI capabilities (
US Copyright Office wants to hear what people think about AI and copyright (
Google Cloud and NVIDIA Take Collaboration to the Next Level (
Quora’s Poe launches bot search, announces enterprise package (
Google Cloud announces the 5th generation of its custom TPUs (
Google is bringing generative AI to its security tooling (
Google upgrades Vertex AI to keep pace with the generative AI boom (
Duet AI for Google Workspace now generally available (
Duet AI in Google Cloud Preview (
 Identifying AI-generated images with SynthID (
August 28, 2023
Survey finds relatively few Americans actually use (or fear) ChatGPT (
Uber Eats is reportedly developing an AI chatbot that will offer recommendations, speed up ordering  (
DoorDash Developing AI-Powered Voice Ordering for Restaurants (
Meta plans to take on GPT-4 with armored Llama 3, which is still free (
Introducing ChatGPT Enterprise (
august 26, 2023
Elon Musk takes FSD Beta V12 on 45-minute rush hour demo while musing over stop sign regulations – (
august 25, 2023
Moonwalkers’: These AI-powered strap-on shoes can make you walk three times faster (
Qualcomm’s ‘Holy Grail’: Generative AI Is Coming to Phones Soon – CNET (
august 24, 2023
OpenAI partners with Scale to provide support for enterprises fine-tuning models (
You Can Now Generate AI Game Assets Directly Inside Unity with (
Elevate your gaming with Inworld Play Pass (
Amazon brings new AI-driven features to Thursday Night Football (
Microsoft and Accenture partner to tackle methane emissions with AI technology (
Introducing Code Llama, a state-of-the-art large language model for coding (
Hugging Face Raises Capital At A $4.5 Billion Valuation (
august 23, 2023
The Rise and Fall of ChatGPT? – by Gary Marcus (
Nvidia Q2 2024: $6 billion in pure profit over the AI boom – (
Ugly Numbers from Microsoft and ChatGPT Reveal that AI Demand is Already Shrinking (
SDXL Gets Boost from NVIDIA TensorRT — Stability AI (
Microsoft might bring AI to apps like Paint and Photos (
august 22, 2023
GPT-3.5 Turbo fine-tuning and API updates (
The New York Times blocks OpenAI’s web crawler  (
Microsoft’s AI-powered design tool is now widely available in Edge (
NVIDIA Debuts AI-Enhanced Real-Time Ray Tracing for Games and Apps With New DLSS 3.5 | NVIDIA Blog (
Microsoft and Epic expand AI collaboration to accelerate generative AI’s impact in healthcare (
Introducing SafeCoder (
Introducing SeamlessM4T, a Multimodal AI Model for Speech and Text Translations (
ElevenLabs Comes Out of Beta and Releases Eleven Multilingual v2 – an AI Speech Model for Nearly 30 Languages (
august 21, 2023
Snapchat is expanding further into generative AI with ‘Dreams’ (
Chinese firm launches WonderJourney satellite with AI-powered ‘brain’ (
Our principles for partnering with the music industry on AI technology (youtube)
An Interview With a Slack Product Manager About Innovation (
40% of workers will have to reskill in the next three years due to AI, says IBM study (
august 19, 2023
Ex-Google Scientists Kickstarted the Generative AI Era of ChatGPT, Midjourney (
august 18, 2023
Self-driving Cruise vehicle crashes with San Francisco fire truck (
Take-Two shuts down AI GTA 5 mod (
ElevenLabs’ Collaboration with ScienceCast and arXiv Generates Digestible Videos for Open Access Research (
august 17, 2023
AI recreates clip of Pink Floyd song from recordings of brain activity (
Google Photos introduces new Memories view (google)
ChatGPT Tests Into Top 1% for Original Creative Thinking (
Runway launches new ‘Watch’ feature as CEO says Hollywood AI discourse ‘needs to be more nuanced’  (
Buildbox introduces StoryGames.AI for creators to build game narratives with AI  (
WhatsApp is taking sticker creation to the next level with generative AI  (
august 16, 2023
OpenAI acquires Global Illumination (
Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt to launch AI-science moonshot  (
The Associated Press sets AI guidelines for journalists (
Adobe Express with AI Firefly app is released worldwide (
Ex-MZ CEO launches BeFake, an AI-based social media app  (
august 15, 2023
OpenAI proposes a new way to use GPT-4 for content moderation  (
Learn as you search (and browse) using generative AI (google)
Google’s AI search experience adds AI-powered summaries, definitions and coding improvements (
august 14, 2023
Amazon’s Latest AI Tool Will Summarize Customer Reviews For You (
Forget SEO: Why ‘AI Engine Optimization’ may be the future (
ChatGPT costs $700,000 daily, maker may go bankrupt in 2024: Report (
august 11, 2023
DOD Announces Establishment of Generative AI Task Force > U.S. Department of Defense > Release (
La-Z-Boy’s AI-Powered ‘Decliner’ Will Send Your Regrets While You Kick Back (
Better 3D Meshes, from Reconstruction to Generative AI | NVIDIA Technical Blog  (
august 10, 2023
Supermarket AI meal planner app suggests recipe that would create chlorine gas (
U.S. Bans Future Investments in Chinese AI, Semiconductor, and Quantum Computing (
Amazon Reportedly Testing Generative AI Tools For Sellers (
ChatGPT expands its ‘custom instructions’ feature to free users (
News outlets demand new rules for AI training data (
The New York Times Updates Terms of Service to Prevent AI Scraping Its Content (
Inworld Joins Forces with ElevenLabs to Bring Dynamic Voices to AI NPCs (
august 9, 2023
Biden-Harris Administration Launches Artificial Intelligence Cyber Challenge to Protect America’s Critical Software (
Anthropic launches improved version of its entry-level LLM (
Shutterstock Develops New AI 3D Background Feature With NVIDIA Picasso | Tech Times (
Japanese StableLM, Marking Entry into International Language Model  Market — Stability AI (
august 8, 2023
Google And Universal Music Group Negotiating AI-Generated Music Tool, Report Says (
Announcing StableCode — Stability AI (
SIGGRAPH Special Address: NVIDIA CEO Brings Generative AI to LA Show (
D-ID and ElevenLabs Announce Partnership, Add Premium Voices to Popular Creative Reality Studio (
NVIDIA Omniverse Opens Portals to Vast Worlds of OpenUSD (
NVIDIA AI Workbench Speeds Adoption of Custom Generative AI for World’s Enterprises (
NVIDIA and Hugging Face to Connect Millions of Developers to Generative AI Supercomputing (
august 7, 2023
OpenAI launches web crawler ‘GPTBot’ amid plans for next model: GPT-5 (
Zoom AI tools trained using some customer data, updated terms say (
Scale generative AI with new Azure AI infrastructure advancements and availability | Azure Blog | Microsoft Azure (
august 5, 2023
Tim Cook says Apple is building AI into ‘every product’ amid questions over its plans | The Independent (
august 4, 2023
The absurd AI mania is coming to an end (
Chinese tech giant Alibaba challenges Meta with open-sourced A.I. model launch (
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Returns to SIGGRAPH (
XQ-58 Valkyrie Solves Air Combat ‘Challenge Problem’ While Under AI Control (
IBM and NASA Open Source Largest Geospatial AI Foundation Model on Hugging Face (
The AI rules that Congress is considering, explained – Vox (
august 3, 2023
ChatGPT is Rolling Out a Bunch of Small Updates to Improve the Experience (
“Every single” Amazon team is working on generative AI, says CEO ( flips from ChatGPT to Elon Musk’s (
Lupe Fiasco Partners With Google For Launch Of Artificial Intelligence Tool (
Nvidia AI Image Personalization Method Fits on a Floppy Disk and Takes 4 Minutes to Train – Decrypt (
3 new things you can do with generative AI in Search (google)
august 2, 2023
Meta’s AI ‘personas’ might launch next month – The Verge (
Google pulls its AI Test Kitchen app from Play Store and App Store | TechCrunch (
Instagram is working on labels for AI-generated content – The Verge (
AudioCraft: A simple one-stop shop for audio modeling (
Introducing AudioCraft: A Generative AI Tool For Audio and Music | Meta (
August 1, 2023
Scoop: Google Assistant to get an AI makeover (axios)
Generative AI will Usher in the Metaverse (humandrivenai)
OpenAI Reportedly Filed A Trademark for GPT-5 (
Kickstarter requires generative AI projects to disclose additional info (
YouTube tests AI-generated video summaries (
July 31, 2023
July 31, 2023
ChatGPT for Android Now Supported in All Countries ChatGPT is Supported (
july 28, 2023
Artifact is getting an AI-powered text-to-speech feature to read you the news (theverge)
Intel CEO: ‘We’re going to build AI into every platform we build’ (theverge)
july 27, 2023
Amazon expands Bedrock with conversational agents and new third-party models (techcrunch) New AI Tool “FraudGPT’ Emerges, Tailored for Sophisticated Attacks (thehackersnews)
Adobe adds Firefly-powered Generative Expand option to Photoshop beta (appleinsider)
july 26, 2023
Microsoft, Anthropic, Google, and OpenAI launch Frontier Model Forum (Microsoft)
A new partnership to promote responsible AI (Google)
The Stability AI team is proud to release as an open model SDXL 1.0 (
News publishers want billions in royalties from AI platforms (aibeat)
New Crisp and Diverse Default Voices Now Available! (elevenlabs)
july 25, 2023
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Launches Worldcoin: A Bold Crypto Experiment At The Intersection Of AI, Identity And Finance (
Spotify CEO teases a potential AI-powered capabilities surrounding personalization, ads (techcrunch)
Netflix Offers up to $900K for One A.I. Product Manager Role (IndieWire)
ChatGPT for Android is now available (theverge)
july 24, 2023
Microsoft’s Bing Chat comes to Chrome and Safari for testing to select users (
AI researcher Geoffrey Hinton thinks AI has or will have emotions (
Introducing Agents.js: Give tools to our LLMs using JavaScript (
july 23, 2023
5 Ways ChatGPT can improve, not replace, you’re writing (wired)
july 22, 2023
Google And OpenAI Plan Technology To Track AI-Generated Content (forbes)
AI is supposed to make jobs easier. These workers disagree (CNNBusiness)
july 20, 2023
Is ChatGPT getting worse? (gizmodo)
ChatGPT cannot remember who you are and what you want (theverge)
Apples turn to hop into the Apple GPT space (businessinsider)
JULY 19, 2023
Llama2 is free to download for research and commercial use (Meta)
Google’s rumored ‘Genesis’ AI tool for journalists could probably write this article (theverge)
july 18, 2023
4 Ways the Claude AI Chatbot is better than ChatGPT (Makeuseof)
Microsoft puts a steep price on Copilot, its AI-powered future of Office documents (theverge)
july 17, 2023
The $1 billion gamble to ensure AI doesn’t destroy humanity (Vox)
ChatGPT Boosts Productivity 40% For Writing Tasks [STUDY] (Search Engine Journal)
The Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Integrating ChatGPT into Your Business (Entrepreneur)
Content Creators are (Almost) All-In on Generative AI Tools (Yahoo Finance)
july 16, 2023
Top 10 AI Tools Cooler Than ChatGPT (Yahoo News)
How To Use Generative AI Tools While Still Protecting Your Privacy (Wired)
Fake reviews: can we trust what we read online as use of AI explodes? (The Guardian)
july 15, 2023
Exclusive: talks AI, the future of creativity, and his new AI app to ‘co-pilot’ creation (
Introducing CM3leon, a more efficient, state-of-the-art generative model for text and images (
Hollywood studios proposed AI contract that would give them likeness rights ‘for the rest of eternity’ (
OpenAI and Associated Press (AP) announce partnership to train AI on news articles (
july 13, 2023
Shopify Announces An AI Sidekick (
NotebookLM: How to try Google’s experimental AI-first notebook (google)
Leonardo Adds Prompt Magic v3 + SDXL 0.9 + 2,000 Token Credit (
Clipdrop Launches Stable Doodle — Stability AI (
July Bard update: New features, languages, countries (google)
JULY 12, 2023
Elon Musk Announces xAI to Understand the Universe (
The risks of AI are real but manageable | Bill Gates (
Introducing Soundmatch! | Epidemic Sound (
JULY 11, 2023
Programs to detect AI discriminate against non-native English speakers, shows study (
Shutterstock Expands Partnership with OpenAI, Signs New Six-Year Agreement to Provide High-Quality Training Data (
Introducing beehiiv AI – Email Marketing With AI (
Anthropic Launches Claude 2 in Open Beta (
JULY 10, 2023
That Google memo about having ‘no moat’ in AI was real — and Google’s AI boss disagrees with it (
AI Can Send Payments in Bitcoin $BTC Using New Tools From Lightning Labs (
In Battle With Microsoft, Google Bets on Medical AI Program to Crack Healthcare Industry (
JULY 9, 2023
Sarah Silverman is suing OpenAI and Meta for copyright infringement (
JULY 8, 2023
Martin Lewis warns over ‘first’ deepfake video scam ad circulating on Facebook (
JULY 7, 2023
ChatGPT sees traffic fall 10% in June after initial rush from users (
China’s Alibaba and Huawei add products to AI frenzy (
Shutterstock continues generative AI push with legal protection for enterprise customers (
JULY 6, 2023
GPT-4 API general availability and deprecation of older models in the Completions API (
JULY 5, 2023
Google confirms it’s training AI using scraped web data (
July 5, 2023
Introducing Superalignment (
July 3, 2023
Google Says It’ll Scrape Everything You Post Online for AI (
JULY 1, 2023
Man designs ChatGPT bot subscription service to annoy and waste telemarketers’ time (

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