About  Us

Zindo + Co is a media and marketing education company that inspires, educates and grows entrepreneurs.

Long story short

Zindo + Co is the brainchild of our founder Audra Carpenter, a previous full-service marketing agency owner and a true entrepreneur.  Like many great ideas, Zindo + Co was born out of complete frustration for solo-entrepreneurs and small – mid-size businesses not having access to reliable and affordable resources when it comes to building a website, learning how to market it and selecting the right technology to help them grow.

While constructing a website is usually a ‘first step’ for many small business owners, it’s being done too soon.  Here at Zindo + Co we’re from the school of creating and testing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), before we do any website building, purchasing inventory or spending money on marketing training. 

By understanding the problem you are solving in the market before you get into creating a website, you can expect much better success for your business ideas.  Without it… you are building a business, hoping customers will come, and today that no longer works. 

Our tech-savvy founder knew that if she could create an affordable solution that would help entrepreneurs that don’t have an internal team (and are not ready to hire an agency) test their ideas prior to launching a business, then she could help increase their chances of success.   

But there was still a challenge.  Once an entrepreneur understands how to validate, and actually validates their ideas, they usually want to run out and hire someone to build their site.

Usually spending hundreds, to even thousands of dollars on this initial website.   So what’s the problem with that…?!

Well, what if you could build your website, host it and get a domain name for free and save those funds to put toward marketing your website, product or service. Sounds too good to be true…?!

Well, it’s, not! That’s exactly what Zindo + Co decided to do.  We’ve created a WordPress platform that you can host and get a domain name for free. Going this route allows us to help you launch your site quickly so you can focus on marketing your products and services. 

That led Audra to a light bulb moment – build a platform that empowers anyone to create their own website quickly and actually teaches them how to market it. 

Now the marketing is really the secret sauce here as the training we’ve developed is based only on Sales, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship for solo entrepreneurs and small to midsize business owners.


At Zindo + Co, we’ve created Micro-learning courses. By breaking down the training into small consumable chunks of content, you are able to get through the content easier and quickly implement what you’ve learned.  We are teaching you only the things you need to know ‘right now’ to move you from where you are to where you are trying to go. 

We have all the right tools, let us Help You



As a digital-first marketing company, we have an innate understanding of how the online connects to the offline.

That’s why, in addition to our website, Zindo.co, ZindoLabs.com, ZindoHub.com along with ZindoTech.com and our presence across social channels, can extend our reach to experiences.

Whether it’s through our online education, creating and hosting your website, through products that make it easy for you to build your business, we create a seamless experience which allows us to form a deep connection with our community of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Our Community

The “Zindo + Co” member uses strategy and a do-it-yourself attitude in all aspects of their life: To take charge of their business, forge strong relationships, build their own legacy, help others through their products & services, and grow a successful business. Through our content, online classes and community, we enable them to use commitment & knowledge to shape their future.


Learn marketing skills with online classes from our expert marketers that do this everyday. They’ll help take you from a beginner to all-star in about an hour — from creating a content calendar, to adding new posts to your WordPress website, to creating a Facebook Ads campaign — we’ve got you covered.


Explore creative ways to sell and market every part of your business — from landing pages, special contests & offers, paid ads, and much more. All the tips and tricks you need to know are here!


What’s currently working in marketing? Get the latest scoop on marketing trends, new traffic opportunities, the best ecommerce happenings and more right here. Here’s the scoop.


We get it — it’s hard to keep up these days. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to keep you in the loop on changes in social media, new product or business launches that catch our eye, and lots more. You can find it all here.

A Note from Our Founder, Audra Carpenter

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a very strong drive to challenge myself to do things I’ve never done before. Whether it was creating a dance production and selling tickets for a dime when I was 7, to riding bulls in high school, or doing a solo 15,000 feet skydiving adventure for my first jump in my 30’s.  I’ve always found an incredible power and satisfaction in constantly challenging myself to grow and learn ‘more’.

As I became an adult and dove deeper into the entrepreneurial world (first opening coffee shops in California and a title company in Maryland, then transitioning to Digital Marketing in 2009) I found myself spending more and more time helping other entrepreneurs that were a couple steps behind me.  Since then, I’ve spent thousands of hours online – studying, testing, building and growing a full-service marketing agency.   

But even with such great successes in my life, I felt something was still missing.  I knew I wanted a change. I just couldn’t figure out the direction I wanted to go.  So I sat down with a pad of paper and wrote down all the things I loved about owning an agency and all the things I could do without. 

I found I really loved and wanted to continue to help entrepreneurs, develop their strategy, training and innovating.   So I decided to cut back on private clients and see what I naturally gravitated toward. At this point, I was living by the words: “Help others and your path will show itself.” And boy has it! 

On my search for this new adventure, I’ve validated that there is a whole community of entrepreneurs that are in need of direction, knowledge and resources to plan, start and launch a business today. Now, this isn’t something new. Nor is it something I wasn’t aware of.

But it is a problem that reliable, current, affordable resources aren’t available for this community and Zindo + Co has made it our mission to solve this and following our own advice we tested it and proved the concept. People need it and are willing to pay for it!

I also learned what I’m passionate about.  It’s helping others move from where they are to where they are trying to go.  From creating a business or marketing strategy to deciding which technology is best for someone’s skillset to building a website, it didn’t matter what I was working on, as long as I was helping someone evolve and using a little creative ingenuity to get it done.

At the same time, I realized that the digital and analog worlds have come together in the most amazing ways to help empower people to be more successful — whether by giving them detailed content to learn from (to building a website to social media tutorials), or actual tools like software or hardware that helps do the creating FOR them. (I’m obsessed with all the new website builders that will allow a ‘non-tech’ person to build a website without knowing HTML or coding). 

Now over the years, I’ve heard many of my friends and clients tell me “they were NOT marketers.” I hated hearing this and knew they were wrong. I mean think about it. We really aren’t in whatever widget business we sell…!

We are all marketers! At the end of the day, that is the only thing that will get your product or service in the hands of your customers.  So Zindo + Co became my mission to change that sentiment. It’s for this reason that Zindo + Co was born as a destination where real entrepreneurs can go to get inspired and educated on how to be better marketers, grow their business and reach successes they only dreamed of.

As Zindo + Co has evolved to offer what it does today, we’ve realized that commitment and DIY goes far beyond just having a good idea. This generation of entrepreneurs are the first true DIYers in that they really CAN and DO do it all themselves.

From sourcing product in China to creating their own brand, to growing a 7-figure online business — this is the most dynamic, multi-faceted and informed generation of entrepreneurs that’s ever existed. Our mission is to be part of this evolution and to inspire and enable our community to use current strategies & effective marketing to shape their businesses and the customers they reach for the better.

We believe there are countless ways to thrive as a business owner and we want to encourage all entrepreneurs to explore and share their marketing ideas while picking up a few new ones.

Zindo + Co is a community of entrepreneurs who want to fully embrace our potential in all areas of our businesses, and we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get innovative doing it. I’m so excited to be part of each entrepreneur’s personal journey to finding a more creative, curious, and successful self. I hope you’ll join us along the way!

Audra Carpenter, Founder


A note on our ethics policy: the experts here at Zindo + Co will always credit influencers or trainers whose ideas we post. Any lack of credit is completely unintentional and will be corrected upon notice. Additionally, Audra Carpenter is a partner or affiliate for several of the companies we feature. The team at Zindo + Co will also always disclose when and if a company has paid for or offered free products or services in return for promotion on the site.