Google Analytics

A Web Analytics Service Offered by Google


Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google. They provide comprehensive reporting and analytics tools for websites of all sizes.

GA enables users to monitor website traffic, understand user interaction with their site and generate custom reports depending on the needs of their business.


  • Collect, manages and consolidates website data, showing users how customers engage with their websites, ads, videos and social tools across all of their devices.
  • Analyzes visitor traffic and enables users to understand their end-user behavior.
  • Activates website data. With the right insights, businesses can improve their marketing campaigns and experiment with their web content.

It shows website managers what works well with audiences and what doesn’t, allowing them to tailor their site content and marketing strategies.

Get stronger results across all your sites, apps, and offline channels.

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Google Analytics has two pricing tiers: Free and Premium. Google Analytics Premium provides higher data limits, more custom variables, a Service Level Agreement, and a dedicated support team.

Pricing model:

Freemium and Subscription

Free trial:

No free trial offered

Key Features

  • Analysis tools
  • Content analytics
  • Mobile analytics
  • Social analytics
  • Conversion analytics
  • Advertising analytics
  • Alerts & Intelligence
  • Cross-device data
  • Event tracking
  • Data import
  • Audience reporting
  • Conversion reporting
  • Custom reporting
  • eCommerce reporting
  • Performance reporting
  • Re-marketing
  • Product integrations


  • Receive alerts when significant statistical variations occur in your website’s traffic, with Google Analytics ‘Intelligence Events’.
  • Use Google Analytics’ data import functionality to join the data from your CRM, CMS and other systems with your Google Analytics account and gain more sophisticated insights.
  • Measure activities like downloads, video views, and mobile ad clicks across devices with Google Analytics Event Tracking.
  • Use Google Analytics’ Site Speed reports to view load times across your site. Easily identify & fix slow-loading page to increase conversions.
  • View and analyze visitor paths through your site with Flow Visualization then see how they interact with each page using In-Page Analytics.
  • Identify your best-selling products & promotions, trace transactions and gain an understanding of customer behaviors with Google Analytics eCommerce reporting.


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Google Analytics is intended for Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profits, Public Administrations and Small Business

“86% of senior executives agree that eliminating organizational silos is critical to expanding the use of data and analytics in decision-making.”

Source: Econsultancy and Google. The Customer Experience is Written in Data’, May 2017.U.S.