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A Virtual Whiteboard that makes Collaborating Easier


AWW App is an amazing remote collaboration tool that makes collaborating virtually with your team easier.

With AWW App, every member of a team has access to a single online whiteboard, literally putting everyone on the same page.

Draw, share post-it notes with reminders, upload and view files, and ensure every team member has every piece of information.

Rather than pointing a camera at a whiteboard, frantically taking photos after a meeting, or trying to compile everything you talked about after the fact, AWW App makes saving and sharing your ideas easy.

AWW App is more than a business tool, educators and designers love using AWW App too! AWW App lets teachers connect directly with their students from anywhere, giving them instant feedback on their homework and answering questions whenever they need it.

Designers love being able to annotate, collaborate, and change sketches with their clients no matter where they are.


Touch-friendly online whiteboard for real-time collaboration and brainstorming within your team. 

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Free: $0 – basic features
Personal: $10/month or $96/year
Organization: $75/month or $720/year

Teacher: $9/month or $86.40/year

Single: $10/month or $96/year
Startup: $30/month or $288/year
Enterprise: $100/month or $960/year

Pricing model:

Free Trial, Free, Monthly Subscription, Annual Subscription

Free trial:

14-day free trial of premium versions

Key Features

Your team members don’t even have to be registered. It’s easy as that. We have your business ideas, concepts and plans safely stored in your dashboard, so you can review it anytime, anywhere.

  • Draw, notate and edit on AWW App
  • Share post-its
  • Share files
  • PDF Download
  • PDF/PPT Upload
  • Chat and voice tools
  • Collaborative boards with automatic saving and updating for every user


  • Keep project details in one place
  • Put every team member on the same page
  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • Work directly with remote employees
  • See student and design client work/questions
  • Improve team efficiency and collaboration



AWW App is a free online whiteboard tool for anyone that needs to collaborate remotely with a team, client, partner, or student.

AWW App is a virtual shared whiteboard app that allows users to draw, share, and collaborate with one another.

With the built-in voice and chat capabilities, AWW App is an all in one tool for virtual meetings, tutoring sessions, and organizing collaborative projects.

Business owners and managers use AWW App to help their teams collaborate and stay on the same page.

Teachers use AWW App to connect virtually to their students, see their work, and tutor from afar.

Designers use AWW App to see exactly what their clients want, helping them to deliver the best results and finished products.

“A web-based collaborative space. I can easily (and quickly) communicate with people outside of my company. As an engineer, I often have to communicate with drawings and sketches. This whiteboard is like having a meeting in person in a conference room with whiteboard, except that we don’t have to travel miles and miles to get to one another. And after the meeting, you can save a PDF so you don’t lose all of the information you worked on.”

Chase G.