A Retargeting Platform, Making Retargeting Profitable


AdRoll is used by over 15,000 brands big and small worldwide, including American Red Cross, Levi’s and Estee Lauder, as well as Zendesk and Tableau.

The ad retargeting app helps you to create, optimize and deliver personalized ads across multiple platforms and devices.

AdRoll provides one platform to control web retargeting on more than 60 leading ad networks including Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.


You can also manage retargeting on Facebook, Twitter and mobile. AdRoll, and the team behind it offers expert optimization and customization options for their users.

AdRoll uses customer segmentation based on over 300 types of intent signals to target or excludes users based on the actions they have completed, such as products they’ve viewed and how far into the purchase funnel they are.



No commitments. No minimums.

To run an effective campaign, Adroll suggest that you set a weekly budget based on the number of unique monthly visitors to your site.


AdRoll’s billing system works on an up-front, weekly basis. When your campaign is approved, they charge your card for the campaign’s specified weekly budget to make sure you have the credit you need to fund that week’s ads.

Over the course of the week, charges accrue for delivered impressions, and that amount is deducted from the prepaid balance on your account.

Then, at the start of the next billing week, they simply charge you the amount needed to replenish your account balance.

Free trial:

Yes, it offers a two-week free trial. Sign up First to use the free trial.

Key Features

  • Cross-device, cross-platform ads
  • Web retargeting
  • Mobile retargeting
  • Retargeting on Facebook
  • Retargeting on Twitter
  • Dynamic LiquidAds
  • Flexible segmentation
  • Transparent analytics
  • Expert optimization
  • Advanced conversion tracking rules
  • Group users
  • Target or exclude users
  • Over 300 intent signals
  • Native ads in the Facebook News Feed
  • Facebook Exchange (FBX) and Website Custom Audiences (WCA)
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Integrate product feeds
  • Personalized impressions
  • Test calls to action and creative
  • Design/campaign support


  • Dynamic LiquidAds: These personalized ads provide content based on previously viewed and recommended products. Optimize ads with calls-to-action, product placement, product feeds customizable animation and other interactive features.
  • Flexible segmentation: AdRoll tracks over 300 different intent signals to target or exclude customers based on their actions.
  • Expert optimization: AdRoll offers an experienced retargeting team to help with your account management, bidding and ad development with an in-house creative team.
  • Reports & Analytics: See real-time data on pricing and campaign activity for each ad impression served.
  • Mobile Retargeting: AdRoll supports mobile ad formats for sponsored posts, promoted tweets, app install ads, lead gen cards and standard mobile web ad formats.